Opening My Mission Call

On March 27, 2015 I raced home from work excited to see if my mission call had finally arrived, it hadn’t. Sad and disappointed I crossed the street and laid on the beach. I was there for a couple hours sulking and relaxing until my roommate, Maddie Wilson, came and joined me. Once she was there all was well! We rolled in the sand, practiced headstands and waded in the water. Emotionally ready for Culture Night we headed back home. (That night I was able to preform a Latino and Native American Dance in front of several thousand people from our community.) As we approached the house I was listing all of the things I had to do in just a few short hours when I heard Maddie say, “Hey, whats this?” In our mailbox there was a large envelope that had MY name on it. Out of pure shock and excitement I stood there holding frozen with a big smile on my face for a good 20 seconds. I raced inside and called my parents who only responded, “You have it? We will get everyone on google hangout and you can open it in 30 minutes.” That’s when the frenzy began. I texted my friends as quickly as I could and jumped in the shower. A few of my friends were able to come and all my family who were in Oregon, California, Utah, and Michigan were able to join. My brother and sister-in-law weren’t on when I opened it but I talked to them shortly after.


English Speaking

August 12, 2015

My sister Jenny posted on her blog and said:

“Kelly was called to serve in the Micronesia Guam Mission English speaking (until otherwise needed) reporting August 12! We were all blown away when she read the letter! Kelly was like “I don’t think I’ve said the word Micronesia out loud before!” she had to do a double take.  We are all so proud of her and excited for the adventures she’ll have as she serves the Lord preaching His gospel for 18 months about as far away from home she could get without starting to come back again! ”



What a special day! My friend Madison Winn received her mission call as well and opened it later that night. She will be going to Ecuador! Can’t wait to hear about her adventures.


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