A Big Ol’ Utah Hello

Hey Guys!

I feel at home here at the MTC. It is really weird and not what I expected. Lots of people around me are home sick or just stressed out of their minds but I feel fine haha not sure how else to say that.
I saw Elder Hunter Hassel and Sister Gabby Gonzalez from our stake and that was really fun! I have also seen a ton of my friends from Hawaii here and every time I freak out because I just remember talking to them about being here like 4 months ago.
I love my district there are 3 elder companionships and 2 sister companionships. Half the Elders are coming to Guam with me and everyone else is going to Sydney Australia English speaking. Funny thing about Elders is that they are all 18. That has been an adjustment for me because they are all straight out of high school and look like babies. They are goofy and funny and I love them but definitely are more of little brothers to me! We have a lot of fun and eat almost every meal together. On Saturday we played sand volleyball together and that was one of my favorite things ever.
My companion is Sister Bradford! She is from Rupert, Idaho and also finished her associates before coming out here. She is coming to Guam with me so I am excited about that! She is really patient with me, which is good! She is super passionate about missionary work and is a perfectionist. She played college basketball so that might give you a couple more clues on her personality.
Today we got to go to the temple and it was really good! I am really going to miss going for the next year. It really helps me organize my thoughts and realize what is actually important.
My testimony is growing everyday and I’m realizing how simple it is to be a missionary. All you have to do is be converted to the Lord, forget about yourself, and go serve somebody. I’m still working on it but you know..
So I fly out next Tuesday. I leave the MTC at 2:30 am and will fly to Los Angles-Honolulu-Guam. And YES, having a layover in Hawaii is going to kill me! I want to tell all my friends and make them come see me but don’t worry, I won’t.
I have heard a lot about the power you get when you are set apart but I didn’t quite believe it until my second day here when I realized how focused I was. It really is a blessing.
I love you all a lot and already miss you,
Sis. Steve
Sister Bradford
Our district
Sisters in our district