Aloha Oe’, Hafa Adai and Mogethin

Well traveling took an unexpected turn! We reported to the travel office and 2:30am on the 24th and were in LA by 7am. Then we were in LA until 5pm because there was a machanical issue in our plane. Blessings, we got to fly to Honolulu and stay at a nice Marriott.

The flight to Guam was a little rough, 8 hours next to a huge Chinese family who know no rules.. or how to sleep haha but we made it! We stayed at the Sister Training Leaders home that night and the next day we had breakfast at the Presidents home and got our assignments! Six Elders got sent to Chuuke, two to Kosrae, and three stayed on Guam. My companion Sister Bradford got assigned to the Yigo, Guam area.
I am going to Colonia Yap! Speaking yapese! My companion is Sister Calder from Midway, Utah. She is super nice and really funny/ goofy. I love her! She is an awesome companion and is good at yapese so it gives me hope! She will be my companion until May when she goes home. There are 6 elders on Yap and 2 sisters. I will probably be here my entire mission and only have one more companion who I will train.
I was on Guam for 4 long days. It was great but boring because we were just following other sisters around and didn’t have any control of what we were doing.
The plane ride was only and hour and a half and when we got off we were greeted by shirtless women to gave us leis. I just felt bad for the elder who traveled with us!
Sunday was awesome! Since it was raining only about 30 people came to church. I want to get going on the less actives so they can be more involved in the investigators converson. We take off our shoes before we go in the building so we are all barefoot. It is half yapese and half english.
People live in these little villages off of dirt roads that go off of the one paved road that goes around the island. So we do a little bit of hiking through “the bush”. It is hot and humid and rains a lot! The good news is that I get a queen size bed! Yay!!
We taught 5 lessons yesterday (3 investigators, 2 less actives) and they all went well. They will be better when I can speak the language.
Sister Stevens


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