Mich U’Wun Ug


What a first week in Yap! It was awesome, I love it out here and definitely different than any other place on earth. Sister Calder and I had 43 lessons this week. That’s pretty good considering that her highest before this week was around 21. We more than doubled it! On my first day we taught 10 lessons alone, anyways, I pumped about it! We have a baptismthis Saturday, pray that it actually works out. It’s an old man named Togeg he has a cool looking beard and I had only met with him once before Sister Calder invited him to be baptized this week! He has been meeting with the missionaries for a long time but has never followed through with his baptismal dates but I think this might be the time.
The people here are great! But very interesting.. they live a different kind of island style. They are very quiet and passive aggressive. Meaning, they will never tell you no but then they won’t do what you asked them to. Also sometimes we make appointments with people and they try to avoid us by making sure that they aren’t home.
I got my Yap License this week but I can’t even drive since Sister Calder is the senior companion. I guess I will get to drive in 8 months when she goes home and I get a trainee. Our car is pretty nice it’s a Chevy SUV and does really well on the crazy dirt roads we have to drive on. And just so Dad and Ben know.. we have a 12 “gear” AC system which is nice because we have way more control haha. We do this thing called walking Wednesday. Pretty self-explanatory, we have to walk everywhere and it’s not like our area is that big but all of the houses are really far away from each other. Oh, and the water here is so gross. It tastes worse than Utah water if you can even imagine that. I double filter it because I really don’t want to get sick.
Basically my main goal for the rest of my mission is to strengthen the Branch. No body knows how to do their calling or they just don’t do it, I can’t tell. I’m trying to get Home Teaching running and maybe get the senior missionaries to start doing a Leadership training so people betting understand how to do their callings. Also there aren’t really any activities so hopefully if we can set up an oppertunity for people to have fun together it will create more of a community for investigators to join when they are baptized.
I think I mentioned it in my last email but our mission has this thing called Language Mastery. It is my goal to be done with it by the end of October. I already finished 3/19 in one week. I might get it faster than anyone in this entire mission ever has. This included memorizing words, praying in front of a local and yesterday I even bore my testimony in Yapese. It was short and simple but I did it. And the miracle was that people told me they could actually understand me, so I have come to know that the gift of tongues is real.
Missionary work is really hard but the good part is that I don’t really have time to think about it.
Sis. Stevens
Colonia Yap FSM
PO Box 456
IMG_0305 IMG_0304 IMG_0282DSCN0295

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