Called to Pigpig

Friends and Family,

Still alive, still loving the mission. This week was really good but also filled with some disappointment. Actually this is a funny story: We were talking to this lady named Jennifer who almost got baptized a couple years ago but couldn’t give up Betelnut. She said that her husband and mother-in-law wanted her to be Protestant so I asked her what she wanted and she said, “I think I want to be Protestant, too.” But I didn’t hear/understand her so I was just like, “Well can we open with a prayer?” and we taught her the whole lesson! She started crying halfway through haha I don’t know what’s happening with her. But at the end we asked her again what she wanted and and she said she didn’t know. Hopefully we can get that lady baptized! Typical Sister Stevens, I just starting laughing when Sister Calder told me what actually happened at the beginning.
I gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday and I think it was okay but I didn’t really speak any Yapese so I think I lost some people. I’ll get better. But I talked a little bit about President Monson’s talk “Dare to Stand Alone” and then just talked about how living the gospel should be a really joyful experience not a burden.
We also went to check on a less active member and found out he was drunk. Which is the worst. His wife couldn’t come to church because of him. But he had an open beer sitting out so I told him to dump it out, he did. And then we said we would come back sometime when he is sober.
Oh, last P-Day we went to the sports complex again. Which is great because it’s fun but I want to go to the beach!! But anyways, we were just shooting a basketball around for a while which is awkward since I’m a sister missionary I can’t really get aggressive to get the rebound like the Elders. So basically I just stood there. but then we actually made teams and played and I was marking Sister Calder. The game was super fun! Mostly because I scored 5/8 baskets on our team and we won. I was making them under the basket, a three pointer and almost every one that I shot. I was just laughing because everyone was really impressed but I just kept thinking about my senior year and how bad I am. #BenchWarmer4Lyfe ! Then we played soccer or “futbol” as the British Elders would say. And it was kind of a big field for a 4v4 but it was still fun to be outside and run around. I scored a goal and was pretty happy about it. That day Sister Calder nicknamed me “Tiny Satan” which I obviously have mixed feelings about. I mean I have fun playing sports but Satan? I don’t know, that’s not my idea missionary nickname.
We were just teachin and preachin this week. We got to teach this guy name Mo’ro this week and apparently Sister Calder has been trying to meet with him for a year because he stays with another one of our investigators. They are custom married but don’t actually consider themselves married they just stay in the same one room house.
You guys are always in my prayers! Good luck with school, work, and kids!
Love and miss you,
Sister Stevens
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