Old Spice, Sunscreen, and Mosquito Repellent

Has it been a week already? So much has happened but everything is going by really fast! We decided to drop quite a few investigators who basically refuse to do anything and we also decided to give some of our less actives a break because they also aren’t doing anything. That was kind of hard but it will give us the opportunity to meet and serve new people who might be ready to hear the gospel. I know the Lord is preparing this island it’s just most people have met with the missionaries 2-3 times before I talk to them and most of them will learn from the missionaries again!

Well everyday I see a lot of miracles. Mostly with my safety but slowly with the people around me. The area that we serve is the safest, that is why the sisters serve in it but it also has most of the bars on the island which make Friday and Saturday nights really dangerous to tract, teach, and drive. We almost got t-boned in a parking lot by a drunk driving and it really was a miracle that he stopped.
We are teaching this guy named Mark and he is my favorite investigator! He is really smart and has been a church-search for a long time. He almost got baptized a couple years ago but backed out. He keeps our commitments by trying to live the word of wisdom (he is giving up smoking), reading the chapters we give him, and he even came to church yesterday! He has a rough past though, he has been in the system since he was young and that is why he is living on Yap, and is kind of an intense guy. But he has a lot of potential and willing to work which is refreshing in this area.
We visited Togeg our recent convert. And he said, “I used to be wild, now I am tame.” I love that guy! Wait, I don’t know if I said that last week. This week I asked him how he felt when he got his healing blessing he felt a dark cloud of rain part and he felt light and happy. He gives us fresh passion fruit every time we go and so that is also a bonus!
We found out this week that our Sunday School teacher has been drinking on a regular basis. So… yeah that might explain why our members struggle through that class. We will see what we can do. A lot of members have been asking for my first name so that they can stalk me on facebook.
Oh the reason my subject is Old Spice, Sunscreen and Mosquito Repellent is because that is what I smell like here. Every morning I make sure that I am fully protected from the sun and bugs. Oh and I also just smell like sweat because it’s so hot.
We ate on this boat called the Mnuw and it was so good. I mean we wasted a lot of our money but I got a Hawaiian burger, and coconut custard pie. So. Good. I thought of Dad while I was eating because it has a really beautiful view and I figured he would love to eat there. I have a mullet now in case you were wondering from the picture. Also, when I say the food is so good, remember that is it relative to Yap standards haha
Oh yeah… and I gave a talk in the other branch (Thol Branch) and that was interesting. They didn’t tell me my topic until after my personal study on Saturday so I had one hour on Sunday to prepare for my “Why Scriptures are Important” talk. There are about 9 members in that branch, 3 of them are leadership, 3 of them are kids and there were 8 missionaries attending yesterday. Kind of rough talking on the pulpit to 5 people believe it or not. Then the senior missionary gave a talk on Charity. Then Sister Calder and I taught Primary. Went back to Colonia and I taught Relief Society. So it was pretty crazy.
Love and miss you all,
Sister Stevens
Story behind the picture with my hand: There are these things called Mosquito coils that are these black coils that you burn like incense and are supposed to keep the bugs away. So I asked Sister Calder, “Do people really burn themselves on Mosquito Coils?” And she was like, “Yeah, all the time!” and it surprised me for some reason. But that night we were teaching a lesson and I was moving around because my legs were falling asleep and I put my hand on a dang Mosquito Coil! It hurt so bad! So you can’t really see in in the picture but on my palm there is a little red dot. So yeah… Yap is dangerous.
IMG_0451IMG_0440 IMG_0408

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