“Are you okay? You girls are sweating a lot!”

People always think Sister Calder and I are dying because we sweat so
much. But in reality it’s just hot here and Yapese people don’t sweat.
Oh the joys.

Well we went teaching with some Sisters who are serving on Guam and it
was okay, it made me excited to come back to Yap and do my own thing..
I mean the Lord’s thing haha

Elder Li-Khau serves in Gagil he is perfect. He is New Caldonian. And
he just told me to shut up. So you guys might want to start praying
for the other missionaries on this island because they have to deal
with me.

This week was pretty average, as if I have an average here after only
7 weeks. But we have been doing a lot more “finding” because we are
looking for more investigators. And so far is as been good but tough.
It is nice to really work with the investigators and help them
progress but we just don’t have that many. Mark and Togeg both came to
church yesterday and I was a little bit too excited, but I don’t think
I scared them.

I am still working on Yapese, it is so hard! But I am getting better
and can hopefully lock down some more sentence structures this week.
Well the week just went super fast because we got back from Guam so
there isn’t too much to report.

Sorry if I didn’t get a chance to write everyone this week. The
internet at the church wasn’t working so we are at this other place
and it is really, really slow. So I’m doing my best.

Oh, also this week we started accepting food when people offer it. So
I got two fish tails and rice. Basically they just guy a fish and then
fry it in oil. There you go, Yapese fish. But they always give us the
tail because I think the head has better meat and more bones so we
won’t accidentally swallow any or gross us out with the eyes. Fresh
fish is so good though, I love it! I still miss Salmon and Halibut but
I’m just biased because of Dad’s cooking!

The sky was especially pretty this week, with the ocean, big clouds
and hombre sky! Wish I could send you guys some pictures but
everything is just too slow. Next week!

Happy 2 Months to Katie and James! (Thomas)

“Anything else I should mention Sister Calder?”
“Nah, just that I’m your favorite person in the world.”

Love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens


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