Border Hopping

This week was crazy. There is a new policy that we aren’t supposed to teach less actives unless there is an investigator which means that half of our lessons that we usually teach are gone. But it’s actually been a blessing because we can find way more people!

Oh yeah.. IM IN GUAM! Emergency transfer.. Sister Calder chased me with a machete. Jokes, we had a leadership meeting and since we are the only sisters on Yap we are the Sister Training Leaders even though we don’t have anyone to train or lead. But it’s good. So I am in your country, the good ol’ red, white, and blue. So I am excited to go shopping and get food! The training was really good yesterday I am really motivated to go back, teach, and convert. I get to meet a lot of nice sisters from other islands while I am here and also got to talk with my MTC companion Sister Bradford which was awesome! She is loving Guam! And I just got back from the hospital because I got a flu shot.
Since we are so far ahead (time-wise) so they will watch conference next week and Yap won’t get it for another 2-3 weeks. So please email me your favorite talks so I can print them out and read them! Also we fasted on Sunday and I bore my testimony in the Guam ward, another sister serving in Guam told me to.. so I did haha
This last week and a half have been kind of rough because I have been kind of (really) sick. My throat and head hurt all the time and my nose is running and I’m coughing and such. But I made it through and I’m finally getting better! Work, work, work, no if you can talk there is no reason to not go out teaching because we have a car so really all I need to do is move my lips.
Mark went to institute this week which was really good, we weren’t able to really ask him what he thought of it because he didn’t show up to our next appointment so I am excited to talk with him when we get back. Bad news, we went to go see Togeg (the old man who got baptized) and he was drunk. There is this stuff here called Tuba which is just coconut alcohol and he had plenty of it.
It rained so hard! We were walking around villages trying to find people and we were just completely drenched. Sorry, no pictures this week because I forgot my USB-SD card reader in the apartment. I got two letters this week which was a BIG help with some of my disappointments. Alexa wrote me and my friend Maddie (my roommate from Hawaii). It was fun to get mail.
Oh funny story: So we were trying to find people in this little village and came across this old man who only had three toes on one of his feet. And we were introducing ourselves and I said, “E gog Sister Stevens!” “Steven?” (and I never correct them because it is too much of a hassle) “Yeah!” “That’s a boy name…” hahaha I was cracking up. People always tell me that and they can never say my name is always Steve, Steven, or Stevenson.
I almost have the first vision memorized in Yapese so that’s exciting. Slowly but surely I’m learning this language. We had to say goodbye to our dear Elder Mott this week. He served a full two years on this island so it will definitely change a lot. Which reminds me… so there are only two planes a week between Yap and Guam.. and our check in time was at12am-2am. So I went to sleep at 10:30, Sister Calder woke me up at 1, we went to the airport and took lots of pictures because we were saying goodbye to Elder Mott and then sat in the airport for 2.5 hours because our plane got delayed (flight luck continues) and we got to the STL’s apartment at 6:30am so time to wake up. We got ready for church and then went straight from church to a 9 hour long meeting. I almost died. But I learned a lot and had a good time. I’ll head back to Yap Tuesday night.
Thank you for your emails, letters, prayers and thoughts! I really love and miss you all and think of you often when I need motivation to continue on!
Sister Stevens

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