Happy Birthday to the Ground #IDon’tNeedYourHandouts

Sorry I couldn’t write yesterday! President Zarbock is on island so we had a Zone Conference and so we have P-Day today! That’s a pretty good birthday if you ask me!

Well Sister Calder and I got very sick to our stomachs last night and had a rough night’s sleep. But we made it and have been having a pretty good day. Just don’t eat and drink lots of water, right? But other than that, today has been great! Funny story: since Sister Calder was sick this morning she forgot to say happy birthday, I mean I wasn’t mad about it. But then this crazy guy from our branch called and wished me a happy birthday and was like “Oh, how many people have told you happy birthday today?” And I got to tell him that he was the first one! Sister Calder wasn’t very happy about that. But! she did appreciate the chewy dipps that mom sent!!
I didn’t think I was going to get my package in time but it ended up getting here yesterday, so I got it! Yay! I’m very happy about everything I got: Thank You!!! It’s funny because I can really tell what Mom and Niz chose out and what Dad chose out. But I’m really happy about all of it.
This week was really crazy and really hard. We have been doing a lot of finding and it has not been very successful. Some people are mean haha seems like it’s mainly the baptists and protestants but what are you going to do?
We were teaching this guy named Steven and his wife was inside sleeping–so we thought–and so we opened with a prayer and after we finished she stood up and slammed the door shut and I just thought she was mad because we woke her up! And we keep teaching.. Heavenly Father loves you..Families..Prophets…Jesus Christ set up his gospel..and as soon as we get to Joseph Smith we start hearing this banging inside! We just keep going and she turns on this movie super loud that has all these people yelling and screaming and guns firing and Steven yells to her “Hey, shut up!” and she turns up the volume when we get to the Book of Mormon. Then we mention coming back and she starts yelling, “We aren’t Mormon! You don’t need to come back!! blah..blah..blah” and so we were going to close with a prayer but she just kept yelling! So we said read this pamphlet, here’s the Book of Mormon and if you have any questions you can ask us next time, and he nodded his head and she started yelling, “Again? Really? You’re going to let them come back?” So we just left because she wouldn’t let us pray. And I know you all think that we are crazy but this guy was seriously interested in what we were saying and even called us later that night to apologize. I hope that we get to meet with him again.
Sister Calder and I got to watch couple talks from General Conference this last week and I really enjoyed them! I am so looking forward to watching the full thing this weekend! I want to throw a shout out to all the women in my family! All my sisters (whether they have kids or not) and my sister-in-laws know they are included in this as well.. just want to thank you for helping, loving and supporting me! I really love you guys! Thank you for all you do! And especially to my Mom for always “bearing” me! I am really grateful for everything you have done for me! Really glad I got to hear Holland’s talk on mothers, I also got to hear President Monson’s and Uchdorfs from the Priesthood session.
Well our Zone Leaders just walked in and apparently everyone in our Zone got sick last night and it was because of our Zone lunch yesterday.. haha great. Reminds me of when I got food poisoning. Flight luck and food luck. It’s all good.
Love and miss you!!
IMG_0851 IMG_0827 (1)

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