A Golden Year for A Golden Birthday

Well I’ll start out with a continuation of my birthday since that where I left off last week… after emailing we had interviews with President Zarbock which went well. He told me to put on my “Big Girl Skirt” multiple times so there’s that. Sister Calder took really good care of me, we got donuts, we had a coconut, and she bought me my dream knife. I’ll send a picture next week but basically the name of it is Zombie Hunter and it is really ridiculous. But I carry it around everywhere now for safety and President Zarbock even approved it. Afterwards we didn’t have much time so we just went out to eat. I got some curry and I wished that it was pumpkin curry from Thai Thai but it was close enough!

Not that anyone is really concerned with my workout schedule but since I came on my mission I have been doing a “burpee challenge” and so every week I do 10 more burprees than the week before. last week I successfully did 90 burpees everyday and tomorrow I will do 100. If you knew me during high school soccer you know that I hate burpees. My companion is one that enjoys running too much so we never get to go. I miss that. But I’m trying to find her a bike haha problem solving!
Sister Calder also had her 1 year mark this week so that was fun! 66% done! It makes me feel like such a newbie but I’m glad that I have more time because there is still so much work for me to do here! It gives me anxiety sometimes but as Dad always says, “Just do your best and the Lord will take care of the details.”
So it is my goal to get my language Mastery by December which is a pretty big feat. This week I have been working really hard at getting the language down better and can teach most of the Restoration in Yapese. Which doesn’t seem like much but the people here really like it when white people are trying to speak their language. Whether the are listening because they feel the spirit or Yapese at least they are listening, right? Pray for me and the language!
Elder Becraft and Elder Herman gave us some ingredients to make a pumpkin pie this week and you know I was all over that! I love pumpkin pie! We had a lot of fun making that! And it’s good too because the weather doesn’t really change here in the fall so it kind of felt home-y.
This weekend I finally got to watch conference and it was so good!! I wish I could watch it on repeat! Mark came and listened to the Prophet and we were stoked! Hopefully we can keep that guy moving along. I am really grateful for the spirit, direction and motivation conference gives me!
Love you all!
IMG_0876 IMG_0883 (1) IMG_0793

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