“You’re Name is Steven?” “Yes…”

I know I have said this before but just because I get this comment everyday it just seems appropriate to say it again. Everyone thinks that my name is straight up Steven, I’m lucky if they throw in the Sister. I think it’s really funny because they all think I’m a weirdo American with a boy name. Good times.

Last P-Day we had a Zone Activity at the Zone Leaders house and they have a nice little Koyang and Elder Palmer taught me how to rope and Elder Zontz laid in the Hammock and played the Uke, Elder Becraft and Li-Khau made the food and Sister Calder made me a flower lei. Everyone else just roamed around. The food took FOREVER to make, it was good but took far too long since it was being cooked on an open fire.
Right now there are two little Yapese girls banging on the windows wanting to come in the church but there is no reason for them to be in the church so we are just listening to them yell outside.
On Wednesday we had a youth Halloween activity, we did it on Wednesday to make sure it was safe and no crazies tried to come. We went and played a duck-duck-goose type game that was really fun. Sister Calder dressed up as Superman and I wore my black skirt with my cat shirt, is that against the rules? Oops. Half way through this white girl came in the building which was really random and needed to escape the guy she was staying with. So we stayed at the church until past 9 to make sure she was okay and the Branch President was able to take care of her. In the mean time one of the young men taught me how to box. My arms were really sore the next day. Maybe I’ll pick that up when I get home. I got a couple KO’s but he probably could have killed me so we will call it an even tie.
Our couch and table were full of ants and termites so we got them taken out and our house was completely empty of all furniture. So we did personal and companion study and ate on the floor for a couple days. We have a keyboard in our house though so maybe I’ll get good at playing Hymns Made Easier by the time I go home.
On Friday we taught a Philipino family that our member present got into legal trouble with a couple years ago.. kind of awkward at first but by the end the spirit was really strong. The best part is when Juanita bore her testimony the spirit was really strong but of course the Zone Leaders just tried to call us and our phone went off, so I rejected them. Then they called again.. so I rejected them..again. And then they called again so I just tried to leave my finger on the button in case they called again but ended up turning off the phone. My bad. After Juanitas awesome testimony we ended the lesson and I called them and they were telling us to go home because there were a lot of drunk people out and about. And because I kept rejecting their calls they thought we died. We also went in early on Saturday for Halloween just to be safe.
Love and miss ya all!
IMG_0938 IMG_0934

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