Igag a Boss

This was good as always! Always new adventures and challenges but everyday is still a blessing. Last P-Day we finally went to the beach!! I almost didn’t like it though because I couldn’t swim (biggest challenge of the week!) but some of the Elders bought everyone an Outer-Island food basket. Kinda gross but you know good memories! I got a letter from my dearest Maddie Wilson and that was an extra bonus to P-Day!

We got asked if we wanted betel nut this week, but we kindly puked a little in our mouths (because the thought of chewing was so disgusting) and then explained that we don’t chew.
Last week I also got a birthday letter from Grandma Stevens which was such a blessing! I’m sending her a letter today. And then I got a package from my beloved Alexa Jackson for my birthday also filled with lots of treats and Halloween things! I’m really grateful for my family and friends who support me through emails, letters, packages and prayers!
Scary story of the week: We were talking to one of our investigators and she was explaining how we couldn’t meet and then she was telling us how there is a guy who lives across the street who just got out of jail 2 weeks ago. So when we were done chatting we were walking back to our car and I whispered to Sister Calder, “I’m not backing if there is an Ex-Conn there, sorry.” and as I was getting into the car I hear a man voice but just ignored it because I was paranoid and scared (but I also just thought I was going crazy) and when we got in the car Sister Calder was like, “Did you see him?! He has a gun!!” So I look back and there is this guy sitting on his car holding a rifle haha that was one of the scariest moments in my life! But here we are, all your prayers were answered so thank you!
I had a lot of spiritual moments this week where I am starting to love these people out of my heart instead of as a duty or because it’s my calling. I probably should have figured this out earlier but never too late to start. When we were teaching I could feel the people learning and whether they act on it or not they felt the spirit and we’ll try to keep helping them progress.
We took the senior couple (Elder and Sister Brimhall) teaching with us yesterday and that was fun! They are really smart and bring a really sweet spirit. Also most of you already saw the pictures with me and that huge fish (Skip Jack) but that was one of the best meals I have had since I have been out here. One of the members in our Branch came over to the Brimhalls and made us all dinner which was really nice!
Love and miss you all!
IMG_1005 IMG_0972 IMG_1018

Oregon? That's what I'm talking about..

Oregon? That’s what I’m talking about..

The only sentence in my language book so far. haha

The only sentence in my language book so far. haha

Birthday Cake (thought of TJ) Yum rainbow chip

Birthday Cake (thought of TJ) Yum rainbow chip


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