Flights, Fasting and trying not to Fall Asleep

Merry Christmas!

This week went really well! I accomplished my goal of not cooking a turkey. On p-day we went on a little stroll (closest thing to a hike we have on Yap) and it was to the top of a hill and we sat in a Koyeng and ate pizza. It was really fun, but on the way down Sister Calder started to feel really sick. I didn’t pay much attention because she says she feels sick after every meal but this time she was actually sick so I felt really bad. Once we got home she had to lay in bed because she felt like she was going to throw up and so we couldn’t go out teaching. The Zone Leaders came over and gave her a Priesthood blessing. After the blessing she stood up said thank you and ran to the bathroom and threw up! It was pretty funny but I felt really bad.
This weekend was the Canoe Festival which looked really fun but we were busy at work, no time to enjoy it. Lots of people in our area though so that was great. My language is getting better slowly but surely. I’m getting better but I can only say some sentences during the lesson it’s still really hard for me to understand.
Well we have some baptisms coming up on the 19th that we are soo excited about! One is a lady name Mary and her husband is a member (really less active) and she gave up betelnut and her son is going to get baptized too. I think that they adopted us as their children here because they gave us fish and candy. The best thing about her is she doesn’t even really care about the baptism too much because she is just looking forward to the temple in a year! She always says to me, “You are so going to cry when you see me leave to go to the temple!” And our other one is a girl named Christine who is a 23 year old girl and she also gave up betelnut and is working out moving out of her boyfriends house. We are so excited for them, it’s the best Christmas present ever!
On Saturday we worked all day and then came home, cleaned our entire appartment and I went to sleep for an hour and Sister Calder painted. We had to pick up the Elders and then we headed to the airport and got there at 2am. The plane left at 4am and we landed around 5. It was steak conference in Guam and we got to hear from a different member of the 70: Elder Whiting. It was really cool to listen to him talk about Agency and choosing to follow God’s will.
Then came the meeting which went well but a lot of the leaders from other islands couldn’t make it because their flights got canceled so it was a small group. It’s really hard to travel, fast and focus until 6pm at a long church meeting. But it’s true, when you fast you really are filled with the spirit instead, I survived and dinner was delightful.
We just got done bowling which was fun. I did pretty good for a girl vs Elders. I got a strike and a couple spares and the second game I even scored over 100. I get too competitive on P-day haha
Really grateful for this Christmas season and can’t wait to talk to my family in just a couple weeks!
Love and miss you all, thank you so much for the prayers I feel them everyday!
Sister Steven
1. Zone hike
2. “That’s Mahogany”

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