Gu Pir Di Em, Ngam Mo

Well this week was craaaaaazy, crazy awesome!

Being Sister Stevens.. I pulled a Sister Stevens: We were walking up to an investigators house and while I was talking to Sister Calder about how much I love strechy skirts I tripped on a rock and fell down! It was super funny though because I fell really fast and went right into child’s pose! Haha we were sitting there laughing for a little while.
This one is for all the RM’s who watched the District 2 on their missions. So as you all know Elder Tuituu is from Guam. So I have got to meet him a couple of times when I was there. But last week he was on Yap because he works for the church doing Physical Facilities. I have never mentioned the District to him before but I’m not going to lie every time we see each other it is awkward because he looks at me like “You think you know me, but you don’t.” and I’m just looking at him like, “HEY! I KNOW THAT GUY!” But it was good because we finally had a full conversation about the buses. So now I really do know that guy.
We also were with our member present Juanita this week and she got her hair chemically straightened and so I was telling her how pretty she looked and some how we started talking about me hair and she just said, “Your hair is like a compass: north, south, east, west! Where am I?” hahaha I got a good kick out of that and was laughing for a pretty long time.
Togeg Update: This old man is my fav. We went to go see him this week and I’ll just type the conversatiion:
Me: “Is Togeg here?”
Togeg’s Daughter in Law: “Yeah, he’s over there.”
*Walk up to the dark garage thing, no one is sitting on his metal bed*
Me: “Togeg? Togeg?”
Togeg: “Yes, I’m here. You just can’t see me because I’m black. I’m turning on the light so you can see my color!”
*Turns on the light and is standing right next to his bed turning on the light*
But yesterday we found out he is in the hospital so we are going to try and go see him today. Everything is okay I think he just has an infection.
This lady named Irene is also one of my favorites and she is an old Catholic who really believes in Yap Tradition. I love when she talks and tells stories because her eye brows get all close together and her mouth goes in to an angry frown and she used to be a police officer so I’m not messing with her. But she is super nice and has been trying to listen and understand. She got of coconuts this week which was a miracle because it was Walking Wednesday and we had been walking for over 3 hours in the heat and humidity.
We taught Mark again this week and we were planning on teaching one of his friends the Restoration but his friend didn’t show up so we just taught him. It was kind of a miracle because I was just flipping through my scriptures and came across Helaman 14:30-33. It was the perfect lesson! He really liked the scriptures and we talked all about agency and finally got to teach him plan of salvation without him even knowing it. (Before he specifically asked us not to teach him that one because it makes him depressed, got ya!)
Okay the last and best thing that happened this week: President and Sister Zarbock and Elder and Sister Choi (of the 70) came on Saturday night! It was really awesome to hear from a General Authority at our Yap District Conference for the people here on Sunday. Really inspired about living the commandments and keeping the Sabbath day holy. It was an amazing meeting but it went from 8am-3pm with an hour break for lunch at noonwhich was pretty difficult for most of the people. My favorite quote of the day from Elder Choi was, “If you haven’t read the Book of Mormon, just read it. If you don’t like the Book of Mormon, just like it. If you don’t like the gospel, just like it. It’s simple.”
On Monday we had more training for President and Sister Zarbock and mainly Elder and Sister Choi. We got there early and the building was a WRECK! It looked like an outer island compound honestly. Nobody cleaned up from the Sunday Conference and the chairs were out and there was food everywhere and it smelt like death. So Sister Calder and I cleaned the whole building and set up for the Training in 30 mins. I was sweating. I wish I could spend another hour about that training because it was so amazing. For the first part we talked mainly about understanding our identity as missionaries and children of God. Elder Choi talked about marriage haha and said that after your mission PMG stands for Prepping Marriage Guide and everyone should still study PMG. Then we had lunch and took a picture(not sure if President Zarbock posted it yet.) And I was like a little devil telling everyone where to stand and such so that was good but still not perfect because Elders are still just boys who hate taking pictures. But after that we had another three hour training. So we were at the church from 8am-4pm. But the last three hours he talked about how obedience is better than sacrifice (1 Samuel 15:22).
Well this is my favorite part of yesterday: as you all know I have been carrying my Zombie knife around with me since my birthday. Elder Choi mentioned that he has always wanted to try a coconut. So after the training we found all four of the leaders some coconuts. The best coconuts on the island. And after Family Night at the church we went to the Mantaray to drop them off and they were just getting back to the Hotel from visiting somewhere else. I offered to open them for them even though Zombie was the only thing I had and Sister Zarbock said, “You named it?” and we walked over to the pool that is by the ocean and I started opening their coconuts and I hear Sister Choi, “Ahhh!” and I look over and when you open a fresh coconut sometimes it sprays out and the spray hit her. And they were all worried because they thought it would stain but I clarified that it doesn’t stain. Then I went to open the other coconut and sprayed Elder Choi… so I sprayed a General Authority and his wife. How many people can say that? Then Elder Choi asked to look at my knife and got weirdly serious. And was like, “She shouldn’t have this..” and President Zarbock was defending me like, “Well if it makes her more comfortable!” and Elder Choi was really serious that I shouldn’t have it. So President Zarbock looked at me and said, “So Sister Stevens, you are going to go home and leave your knife in the apartment from now on and just carry the mace.” I can’t lie to a General Authority and my Mission President so my knife is home now.
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday Ben!
Love and Miss you all!
Sister Stevens


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