Turkey Time

Well family, when they say missions prepare you for marriage they aren’t lying. I made TWO turkeys this week! Whaaaa? It was the hardest most delicious thing I have ever done.

So the Zone Leaders asked us to make a Turkey for our district Thanksgiving dinner. I have never made a turkey before but I figured I had seen my grandpa pull out the giblets before (when I was 8) so I could probably do it. So the first one I made was 11 lbs. It took so long and unfortunately took away from some of our proselyting time. But we got it figured out. We also made pumpkin pie. (Not as good as my Dad’s.) And we were also in charge of the mashed potatoes! We were busy bee’s cooking for all the useless men on this island, Or should I say boys? The dinner was really fun, and lots of good food! (I’m biased.) The Zone Leaders called the mission president to ask if we could watch a movie during our dinner and he approved because he said we were an obedient zone. So we watched a movie called Freetown. I would tell you what it’s about but you all have fancy phones you can look it up on and I don’t have a lot of time. Plus I wasn’t really paying attention because I was shoving food in Sister Calders face and then she threw whip cream at me (one skirt down, its ruined..)
Then on Saturday we had a branch Thanksgiving activity. I don’t really know why, nobody here even celebrates it. But They asked me to make another turkey. This one was 20lbs. Next level. This one turned out well also and then the Senior Sister made the other one. Hers was better than mine but I’ll learn someday. The activity was really fun, we had about 40 people there and everyone liked the food I think. I’m glad that we have a full year to recover from cooking on Thanksgiving!
Weekly Togeg Update: We went last night to go see Togeg last night and he has a fancy mattress and fancy sheet and fancy pillow, fancy lawn chair, fancy stool he made for himself. It was great! I was like, “Whoa, Togeg High Class!” And immediately felt bad because the whole “Class” thing is real here, he knows I’m dumb so he just laughed. Also we met his brother earlier this week. His name is Vetus. And we were asking him if we could teach him but his English isn’t very good. So when we talked to Togeg he looked so happy and said, “Yeah, I talked with my brother and everyone in the village agreed that you can teach people in the Village Koyang ” WE ARE APART OF THE VILLAGE! Not really but it’s still pretty cool. Also there is this random Ethiopian staying at Togeg’s house and I was telling him how I have been to Kenya and talked about that for a little while. It made me miss Kenya but then I remembered that I am in the coolest place. Once you have the travel bug it just doesn’t go away.
A lady named Helen dropped us hard this week. We went there and before we could even really start she just started saying that she didn’t like reading the Book of Mormon and she didn’t need it. I was literally heart broken and was getting tears in my eyes. She was just so blind to the light that she was holding. So I just sat there quietly for about 5 minutes while she was talking, talking, talking. I bore a simple testimony of it and we left. When people are lazy it’s one thing but when people so bluntly reject the truth it’s really heartbreaking.
We were saying goodbye to some investigators this week and I was shaking everyone’s hand and I went over and shook the little baby’s hand and he has the biggest eyes just staring at me. Then when I started shaking his hand he just dropped his sucker like in one of those baby commercials. He was starstruck or something. We were all laughing really hard!
Next week Sister Calder and I will be in Guam. We will leave late Saturday night and have a loooong meeting Sunday. So I will email from Guam.
On P-day last week we took a little walk up to this old Japanese lighthouse that had tipped over. It was really cool. I was climbing all over it and the Zone Leaders were kind of mad at me because it was a little sketch but all is well. It was cool to do something besides play basketball.
Sorry that I can’t send pictures this week. I will next week in Guam!
Love and miss you all! Enjoy the Christmas season!
Sister Stevens

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