“You want my cigarettes?” “Yes.”

Hello friends and family!

This week went really well! We had a lot of success and a lot of fun! We are meeting new people and by some miracle our investigators are progressing! We have a lot of people on baptismal date in December so we are going to work hard to get them there these next couple weeks.
Biggest news of the week: YAP DISTRICT IS GETTING A BUS!! Which means that our investigators can actually come to church because they will have a ride. It is actually a pretty big deal that the church headquarters approved this island to have a church bus. Hopefully we will see some real growth in worthiness and church attendance. It is definitely a miracle and I am so excited to see the growth on Yap.
Last P-Day we went to the Sports Complex and played basketball..again. But I still love it every time! At family night our ward mission leader got mad at me and said, “Ayye come on Kell-ay!! Oh! Uh.. Steven! Forgive and forget! Forgive and forget!” I was laughing so hard!
We started teaching the head chef at the Mnuw (probably the nicest restaurant on the island and it is on a big boat) and he fed us pizza after our lesson.. so good! We also figured out that he was the guy who made our meal during the Zone Conference when all of us got terribly sick so we were trying not to laugh when he asked us how it was. We just kept saying: Yeah, it tasted really good! I couldn’t tell him it was poisonous
We saw Mark yesterday and he opened his backpack and he had a pack of cigarettes so I told him to give them to me and he was really confused.. hence the quote. He threw one on the ground and squished it for me though. He’ll get there.
Alright well I’m out of time, I’ll try to write more next week!
Love you!

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