Tibinaw nge pi fagar, the Christmas season is flying by! I’m kind of grateful for that this year because I haven’t had much time to think about family, snow, or anything like that.

I’m going to need some extra prayers this week though because we were supposed to have 3 baptisms this week and I’m not sure.. we might have to postpone them a week. Which is good because they will be more prepared but sad because I’m selfish and was really looking forward to this week. Mary and her son Germane will probably still get baptized this week which is amazing. She gave up betelnut, started going to the institute classes, and just has a light in her eyes now. Their family started to try and do a family night every week and they are looking forward to the temple. Her husband has also been working on getting worthy so that he can baptize his wife and two kids. There youngest daughter is 8 so it won’t count for us but I couldn’t be happier!
Last Tuesday when we were in Guam we got to go to Guam’s training with Elder Whiting of the 70. So in one month I got to meet with two members of the 70, lucky girl! I really loved what he taught about being obedient, loving the people you serve, and applying Christ’s Atonement into our lives and more importantly the lives of our investigators. We had subway for lunch which was pretty miserable but when you are starving and have to sit for another 3 hour long training you just eat it fast and have a couple mints afterwards. Haha I live on Yap but I’m still petty about fast food. I also got to see Sister Bradford my MTC companion and it was cool to catch up again. We are in the same mission but are having very different experiences.
This week we were teaching one of our investigators named Hilary and we taught him about Word of Wisdom and hopefully he starts to give it up but we got him to give us his bag of betelnut. I mean honestly it’s not that big of a sacrafice because he can just climb a tree and get more for free but we still felt pretty good about it. He is also starting to read the the Book of Mormon and I feel like he does have a desire to learn more.
Well there are only 8 missionaries on this little island so feel free to send me spiritual thoughts, sciptures, and any other advice and stories that might help me, especially return missionaries! This week we had some of our busiest days and slowest days but there definitely is a special spirit here because of Christmas!
Can’t wait to talk to you in just over a week! One more letter home and then we will get to talk!
Love and miss you!
Merry Christmas!
Sister Stevens
1. Is it Christmas? Let’s look in our fridge…
2. Singing Christmas songs with the Bondog kids (I’ll just take pictures since I can’t sing!)

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