Kug Mar Biney Wik

Happy Birthday Alex! Have a good one and don’t let Jade eat all your cake!

Well this week was really hard but went surprisingly well. On Monday I started to fell kind of sick, like I had that gross little tickle/swollen throat feeling. So after we played soccer in the scorching sun I felt completely exhausted and had a pretty bad headache. The next morning I woke up and could barely move. Wednesay was even worse and my voice was gone so it was really hard for people to understand my Yapese because my voice was just cutting out and really quiet. Thursday I was out of my mind but could function a little bit better although my voice was pretty much non-exsistant. andFriday and Saturday have been better but my nose will not stop running. A lot of people have had this flu and it has just been making its rounds. But.. I survived! I taught everyday and Sister Calder was basically my slave just driving me, cooking for me, and talking for me when my voice wouldn’t work. I am really lucky she took care of me! I went out everyday and did all my studies and even woke up/ went to bed on time it was just a little bit more difficult. I just laid in bed and slept during both lunch and dinner breaks. But again, I survived!
Some really good things happened this week, the Lord really did bless our efforts! Our fav investigator, Hilary, disappeared after Christmas and we finally found him! We also found out that he has a wife. They are custom married but are going to be legally married! He is still on date to be baptized and his wife is too! I am so excited for them to go to the temple together!
We also started seeing Mark again, I don’t know if you remember him but we taught him when we first got here. We finally just put him on date as well.! And this other kind of young guy name Mo’on who came to church on Sunday! I am really excited for February!
We went to see Mary this week and are going to start working with her and her family. I mean I respect peoples agency but she will be baptized in February. She is super awesome. We got a call from her on Saturday and she asked us to help her and her family with “cleaning the garden” which is really different in Yapese culture. We hiked up into the forest and just started cutting down all the bushes and small trees. Then we started burning the base of the trunks of the huge trees to clear an area for an old Yapese lady to start her garden. Then we hiked even further back to collect some copra. We swung on these fancy little vines and they call the vines the Yapese word for these vines are “Tarzan” haha we even got a 40 year old man to do it. Score! Then we drank some coconuts, cut some copra and headed back. It was super fun. I also got a gaping hole in my thumb from cutting so many trees with my machete (sipo) because I’m not used to it. I can hardly move my thumb now. On the path up to the garden we saw this huge WW2 Japanese gun that is just left and hidden there. So many cool random WW2 things here that people don’t care about. (Picture Below) Also the picture of forest and ocean is my entire area… it looks big but its not. This island is 10 miles long and 4 miles wide so don’t let the picture fool you.
I ALMOST FORGOT (Sister Calders family will love this and Sister Calder is sorry she forgot to write this in her email)… This week the funniest thing happened. We were walking down this little stone path around 6pm. It was Sister Calder then me, then our member named Tini. I was trying to text our Zone Leaders when all of sudden I hear the loudest bloody mary scream ever. Well actually it went like this… “Ahh… AHHHHH….AHHHLKSJO EIUH OEFLIO EIFHIOEJHF OWEIHF  IOWEFHIOWE HFIO” and I look up and Sister Calders shoe is FLYING in the air into the thick bush and I’m just staring at her. Then I just can’t control myself and start laughing hysterically. Sister Calder is just yelling as quietly as she can that a huge spider was on her leg–spiders are one of her biggest fears–and was just so freaked out. Tini was trying to find her shoe in the bush but it was long gone. So we had to drive home and get her a different set a shoes. She was so shaken up that I had to drive but it was totally worth it.
Alright love and miss you guys!
Sister Stevens


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