Mang e…?

Okay this week has literally been soo crazy!

Tuesday we got to go to the island of Rumung which is a red zone so no missionaries have ever been there before. We took an awesome boat ride out that took about 20 mins and then walked around for like an hour. It was actually super lame but the boat ride was awesome! Here are some pics!
Sister Calder got transfered to Guam to be an STL. I cried. Multiple times. I am really sad! Drum roll please.. my new companion is SISTER BRADFORD! My companion from the MTC… super weird because they usually don’t do that but she is coming to Yap with me tomorrow! She is learning the outer island language (I am soo jealous!) and I am staying Yapese. Someday there will be two sister companionships on Yap someday.
Well I am in Guam and I am exhausted. I didn’t get any sleep Saturday night and then sat through an 8 hour meeting on Sunday.

I SAW SISTER NEDDLETON ON SUNDAY IN GUAM!! So fun to see someone from Bend!

Sorry, there are a ton on missionaries waiting to email here in Guam.
Love and miss you all!
Happy Birthday to Michelle and Grandma!
Happy Superbowl weekend!
Bye Sister Calder 😦

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