Mangil e Kakadabul

Family. Super sorry but I don’t have a lot of time this week because I had so much fun reading all the personal emails.

Okay this week wasn’t too interesting we just did our thing. But just so you all know I am already over that dumb AC. I’m enjoying the all year around summer. Another thing, since there haven’t been any typhoons this year it has been really dry and there were two decently big fires on the island this week but none in my area. Elder Taylor (British) and Elder Zonts (from Idaho cousins with the Mckenzie family) got to put out one of the fires before it hit a village they were teaching in. They put it out before the fire department got to them, pretty cool!
President is on island so we had our training today. It was all about putting repentance into every single lesson that we teach. And we get to go to an island named Rumung tomorrow! It is super cool because no other LDS missionaries have EVER been to this island. It has never been allowed. So I am really excited to tell you about that next week.
Next week when I email it will be from Guam. So I will be traveling this weekend. Border hopping! And transfers are this week also. Nothing to worry about I think everything will still remain the same. I’ll let you know next week though.
Alright well I love and miss you all!
Sister Stevez
1.Our bedroom. Sister Calder stacked ALL of the extra mattresses in our house under her bed so now she is truly a princess! But it’s alright because I still have the big bed!
2. Found another Japanese cannon. We parked right by it like over 20 times but the bush is so think we didn’t see it until they took all the bush down


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