Week: I haven’t been counting

The first story I want to tell this week ends with me laying on the ground laughing. Since Sister Calder is the driver I have to back her every time she is in reverse. This week I was standing next to a coconut tree so that she wouldn’t hit it and when she got kind of close I knocked on the trunk but she couldn’t hear it so she kept going (slowly) and I tried to step back but tripped on the coconut tree and then the car bummed me and I fell on the ground! Luckily she stopped and pulled forward so I didn’t die but it was pretty dang funny! #yapisdangerous

Other news for the week: I got an AC in “my” room this week so I turned it on to see how cold I could make my room and when I came home my coconut oil was frozen and I thought I was going to die. So now I just wear a sweater every time I go in there. It’s pretty awesome!
President Zarbock is coming this week (Saturday night). So next week I will email a day late, I think. But it should be good we are going to have him at church and then the next day we get a long training. We heard some rumors that he might be telling us something exciting but I won’t get my hopes up in case everything stays the same.
This week I have been working really hard on passing things off for my language mastery. My goal is to have it completely done by February 12. It is starting to click a lot more and I can form most sentences. Although this week I accidentally told our member present I wanted her boyfriend instead of saying that I want her as a friend. “Gu ba adag fager rom!” My bad! Don’t worry, my heart is locked.
Hilary didn’t come to church yesterday so we have to move his baptismal date..again. BUT this week he said the funniest thing. He was talking about how his mom really doesn’t want him to get baptized because he already got baptized Catholic so he doesn’t need to. His response: “I’m not Catholic! I never even chose to be Catholic! I don’t even remember getting baptized!!” <— Every missionaries dream. He will get baptized we just need to reteach the importance of keeping the Sabbath Day Holy again.
This week we got to teach a nice bunch of shirtless ladies and half of them didn’t even speak English or Yapese! (They are from an outer island.) But it was good and I hope that even though they couldn’t understand perfectly they felt the spirit.
Well I hope all is well at home. Remember to enjoy the moment. There is a lot to think about and a lot to do but don’t forget about your blessings today. Remember to pray and when times get tough thank Heavenly Father for everything he has given you and you will have more patience for the other things you want.
Love you all a lot!
Sister Stevez

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