Well President and Sister Zarbock have been here the last couple days which is fun but always really stressful. We had Yap District Conference on Sunday and then Zone Conference yesterday. District Conference went really well, all the talks were really good, the food was really local, and there were a ton of people there! So I logged on to my email and then Sister Zarbock and I had a pretty good conversation… that lasted for over thirty minutes and then President Zarbock and I had a pretty good conversation… that lasted another thirty minutes.. so I have to be quick today!

After the District Conference we went over to Levida’s house and talked to her about it to see if she liked it and after a minute she just started crying. She told us how she really loved the testimonies about how the gospel blesses families and she really wants that in her life. She is skeptical if it is really possible for her because her husband won’t get legally married to her. That is her only set back for her baptism. But she is a tough girl, she does not cry easily so it was super cool! I love that women!
This week I went on my first exchanges! Which was a little hard because since I am Sister Training Leader I was leading the exchange. It went pretty well! Sister Smith is already a good missionary! I think the extra week in the MTC really helps! But it was pretty fun to get to know her.
On Saturday we had a branch activity and we cleaned up all around the church. Before it started we went over to some ladies house and helped make local food and assort the individual plates. Then we went I whacked every bush (and person, jokes!) I could see with my sipo(machete)! And it was the best day ever because I drank 4 coconuts! That’s hard to come by in a drought!
We also helped the other Relief Society President plan the first relief society activity since I have been here and set up Visiting Teaching. I feel bad for all Relief Society Presidents because that was not an easy task. But we got it done.
Okay the pictures are of me and Sister Saimon, one is my “local mangos” (dried mangos) and her real local Yap mangos. The other is of her sleeping. She likes to sleep a lot!
And the other one is of me drinking a coconut and the guy pointing at me is Wuyoch, he is our Branch Mission Leader.
Love and miss you all. Have a good week!
Sister Stevens

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