Anigeg Walageg

First off..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!! I hope you had an awesome day! I was craving Strawberry shortcake all day. I told Elder Taylor it was your birthday so he demanded that we take a picture. It says, “Happy Birthday Greg”
Thing week was pretty crazy. Lots of changes. Lots of miracles. Lots of sweat.
On Tuesday I had to say goodbye to Sister Calder in Guam.. Forever! Or until I go home. She leaves May 20th. I will really miss seeing her. She really misses Yap, but she had 3 baptisms in one transfer in Guam! In Guam I met a Sister serving on Palau, she is the new Sister Training Leader. Her name is Sister Keetch and we got along really well. So I attached a picture of her as well.
After we came to Yap on Tuesday we went to go see one of our old investigators, Mark, because it has been a long time. he told me that he quite smoking!! I freaked out! It might have been kind of creepy. But I was so happy! He told us so many times that he had been trying to quite for like three years! So now we are going to try to work with him more so he can finally get baptized! So many miracles are happening on Yap right now.
Since there are two companionship’s and only one car we have to share. So this week we walked a lot! My face got pretty burnt even though I put on like four layers of suncreen. I told one of the new trainees that I have gotten whiter on my mission because of how much sunscreen I wear and she just looked at me and said, “That’s a little embarrassing.” She is pretty direct. It’s okay I like to wear sunscreen. But it is hard because we can’t see as many people when we walk. It will be a good finding tool though. The only problem is at night because we don’t walk at night. But I think everything will work out.
The night we got back from Guam the Zone Leaders gave me my package! I was so happy! It was 2:30am but I still just opened it alone! I was excited! Thanks for everything in it! I loved the notes, rings, food, everything!
Alright now to my new companion Sister Saimon! I love this girl. She is crazy. I am pretty much fully immersed in Micronesian culture now. But she tells me a lot about Pompeian. Even though it is an island it is a lot different than Yap. Even she is going through a little bit of a culture shock. She wears tights and a cardigan every day because she doesn’t like to show a lot of skin for some reason. I melt in my t-shirt dress so I don’t know how she does it. I am trying really hard to teach her English and Yapese which is harder than it sounds. I am just trying to be as positive as I can so she won’t get discouraged. She is really nice though. I am buckling in for a long ride. I don’t think I am getting a new companion any time soon. We have fun and talk as much as we can. Having four sisters on Yap is another thing to add to the list of miracles.
Now for the best part of my entire week: PRESI GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! Presi is one of my investigators that I have taught since I October. It has been a long, hard journey with her but she finally did it! She was really happy! The other sisters are her missionaries so I was just kind of a side show but I was just so happy all day! Hard work pays off.  I went over to her house after the baptism to talk to her about it and she was just telling me how much she misses me as her missionary or whatever and said that every time the new sisters walk into her room she says, “Where is Sister Steven?” and they tell her every time I only teach Yapese people now. She is super funny. But I love and miss teaching her a lot. She has changed a lot and definitely has a special light in her eyes now. I am excited to see her keep progressing. She is already excited about the temple. I know I am leaving her in good hands with Sister Bradford and Sister Smith. Presi also weaved me an awesome outer island skirt. I’ll send a picture home next week!
There has been some more rain here. Not enough to really make a difference but it was pretty stormy last night. Hopefully it will be enough to keep us missionaries on the island. El Nino.
Yesterday we went to church in the Thol branch, we are going to start trying to get Primary going. They only ever have primary when we go there to teach it. It is fun but hard because the kids don’t sing the songs enough to really know them. Hopefully we can train someone from the branch. It would be fun for everyone!
I have been kind of a stress ball this week even though there have been so many miracles and good things. I am having fun and loving it out here but sometime I get a little too overwhelmed. But during my prayers I have really felt the comfort of the Holy Ghost. It has been a big blessing for me. I am really grateful for the gift of prayer and the Holy Ghost.
Hope all is well!
Thanks for the emails, thoughts and prayers.
I really love and miss you all!

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