Ba Taufe Rok!!

Ke uregom buch tibinaw nge fager rog?

This week went really well. It’s nice to have a change of pace with a new companion. Mixing things up a little bit. Last P-Day we went to a place called the mud dunes or something but it hasn’t rained in a long time so that’s good, just red dirt. It was really beautiful. I went mom-mode though. The elders were standing so close the edge of like a 80 foot drop! Not on my watch. Elder Golightly (new guy) said having sisters is weird because it’s like having a mom on your mission. Oops.
We started really working with this 13 year old girl named Jasmina and she is awesome! Her titau(grandma) even started listening to us and we put them both on baptismal date! We helped Jasmina with one of her school projects for a little bit this week and then taught a quick lesson but it was kind of funny because she goes to the Catholic school and it was a religion assignment. Do what you have to do, right? Both her and her grandma came to church this week. The baptists tried to pick them up but they said no and got on our bus, that was a win for sure!
The Zone Leaders (Elder Herman, Elder Li-Khau) had a baptism this week but I kind of counted it as my own. Sister Calder and I found this kid named Jimmy and taught him a couple of times, we even put him on baptismal date. Then he moved to the Elders area where they finished teaching him and baptized him. I’ll take any victory I can get! But he is really nice and I know that he was really happy. He will be an awesome example to his friends and family. His Sister is already on baptismal date now.
Well I have been sick with a cold/cough for the last month and a half. That’s great. Some times it’s headache and fatigue, today it’s non-stop coughing. But when I was in Guam I got some medicine I just keep losing track of how often I’m taking it. I think I’m supposed to be through the bottle already but I’m slacking. It’s hard to keep track of days out here!
I got a letter from my friend Maddie Wilson (roommate in college) and she leaves on her mission this week! I am so happy for her! I also got a package from my friend Lei this week! My friends are too good to me! Oh, and my friend Jordan Collinsworth emailed me and told me she is getting baptized in Provo this week! I am so happy for her!
Since Sister Bradford has been here we have been starting to teach a lot of Outer-Island people! They are really nice and have been kind of neglected so it’s fun to get to know them. I am just sad I can’t practice my Yapese with them. But I am really excited for this area and the people in it!
One Outer-Island girl we teach is named Precy and she is super golden but just hasn’t come to church yet. This week she fell and hurt her back really bad she couldn’t move at all. Some the the Elders came to give her a healing blessing and she walked around and even went to work the next day! It was truly a miracle!
Love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens
Helping our investigator Jasmina with your school project
Elders Baptism (I’m like the proud mom taking 100 pictures)
Riding the bus on Sunday

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