Be’ech Companion Ro

Saying goodbye to Sister Calder way hard! I miss that girl! I know she will do awesome things on Guam but I wish that she could still be here. We taught really well together and also she was really good at Yapese. Plus she was super kind, giving and patient with me. Dabugem Sister Calder.

Buuuut Sister Bradford is my new companion and we had a great week!! She will be learning an outer island language so we won’t ever be able to teach in Yapese together which is a little bit tough, but we will work it out! We also picked up Elder Golightly who served on Saipan. I have only talked to him a couple of times but he is really nice. He is learning Yapese so good luck to him. Last week Elder Becraft went home so 1/4 of our zone is newbies.
I finally got Alex and Tiff’s package this week and it was so fun! Thank you so much for thinking of me! They sent pictures, food, clothes–all the good stuff!
Without Sister Calder I really had to push myself this week with Yapese and taught over 4 lessons in only Yapese. Gift of tongues is real! I’m getting a lot better but I feel bad that Sister Bradford can’t be more involved with the teaching. But when we can speak english we teach really well together.
Also our Branch Mission Leader: James Weyoch got me this awesome local bag! Sorry no picture but there is some pretty complex weaving and it is beautiful! People don’t feed us here but I’d be lying if I said they didn’t take care of us! I’m really grateful I get to serve these people!
On Saturday there was a youth Valentines Day activity. They didn’t ask us to make the hot dogs but at the beginning of the activity they handed us about 60 frozen hot dogs and asked us to cook them… uhhh. So we drove home, trying to thaw them in our shower (still packaged) and then microwaved the ones that were still really frozen and broiled them. It turned out pretty well and it was a good turn out.
Sunday was good/bad. NONE of our investigators came to church. We had like 8 people look us in the eye and tell us they would come. None of them. We gave some pretty awesome lessons this week on keeping the Sabbath Day Holy too. So I was really bummed about that. But we got to help our branch Relief Society Presidency make assignments for Visiting Teaching and then we went with Thol Branch Relief Society to help some of the women do their Visiting Teaching. It was really fun to be up North. We kind of live in “town” but I love talking with outer island and village people! One lady that we saw had this 9 year old boy run out in the middle of our lesson and was yelling in Yapese that he was possessed by a spirit and wanted us (the Sisters) to give him a blessing… 9 year olds need a lot of attention! But I thought it was really funny. Hopefully she will explain the Priesthood to him later!
Guam was fun(ish) but I am definitely excited to be back on Yap! Lots of work to be done! I love and miss you all! Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers!


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