Ke Mwrourou La

Hey friends and family!
I’m learning Pompeian a little bit thanks to Sister Saimon. She loves it when I speak her language! It’s pretty funny, but Pompeian is a lot easier than Yapese!
Last Monday for P-day we went way up north (like 20 mins, haha not that far) into the Elders area for Elder Taylor’s birthday party. His Recent Converts made us some Chicken and Breadfruit. So good! We just hung out the whole time, nothing crazy. But it was fun!
On Tuesday we went to the restaurant where Presi works to get lunch and to see her. It was really fun, she got to sit with us and we shared a scripture. Then her boss called her over and the other Sisters called my phone and we just walked out and left… I FORGOT TO PAY! I can’t believe it still. So that night when I saw her I just payed her and it was fine but pretty embarrassing. Yesterday Presi got Confirmed and it was really cool! She is going to help our branch a lot and is a pioneer for outer island people in our area.
On Tuesday it rained SUPER hard, almost all day. But it is kind of funny because even rain like that doesn’t help our reservoirs, so it only helped the plants! I’m not really scared about El Nino. I think we are fine. Thanks for all the prayers though!
Tiff and Alex sent me a chalk pen in one of their packages and I whipped it out at our District Meeting and everyone freaked out. They loved it! But also everyone made fun of me. Everyone wanted to use it! Missionaries love funny things! Also the package I got from mom had little rubber CTR rings and almost every single person in my zone asked if they could have one. They were a hit.
On Friday we met with the Relief Society of Thol branch and I helped her plan out Visiting Teaching. It took us a long time. But we did it. She was supposed to announce it and get it started on Sunday… but she didn’t. So I will have to keep on her to make sure she does it. I always feel like my mom though when ever I help the Relief Society Presidents.
On Saturday the Zone Leaders had a baptism and it was so fun! We got an investigator there so we were allowed to go! When Jessica came out of the font she just started like waving her fist around and dancing and then put them over her head and said, “I did it!!!” it was really funny because she is soo shy! But I am really happy for her.
The Assistants are on island now and leave tomorrow. President comes this Sunday for our Yap District Conference on church. It will be fun to have both the branches together. So I might email Monday next week, but don’t be surprised if I email Tuesday.
Love and miss you all,
Sister Stevens

Picture 1- Found this “cool” pic of my Zone Leaders (Elder Herman, Elder Li-Khau) hahahaha

2- Elder Taylor’s Birthday party at his Recent Converts house (E. Taylor, E. Golightly, E. Palmer, Tyrese)
3-Jessica’s Baptism!
4-Jesmina taught me “The Gospel of Jesus Christ” so I let her wear my tag
5- Over 38 people on the bus yesterday!
6-Sister Saimon’s first McDonald’s. The Assistants brought some from Guam.


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