Kug mar, machene gu ba falfalean. Happy Easter!

This week has been pretty intense but it was so fun and we got a lot done! Last week I talked a little bit about El Nino, the hot wind current coming through and the drought. I didn’t really realize it was that serious until this week. They put up signs everywhere for it. Some Elders on Chuuke got taken off and put onto the main island for now. If there continues to be no rain we might be forced off the island as well. We got some 5 gallon containers of water and apparently there is supposed to be no more water by the end of April. So this week we fasted for rain, a LOT of rain! Never thought I would ask Heavenly Father for a typhoon, but here we are. I have the personal feeling that everything will be fine, so don’t worry too much.

Jesmina (our Recent Convert) has been doing really well. She loves coming to church, she invited a less active girl to come with her and has helped us start teaching her friends. She is really solid. I really wish she was old enough to come teaching with us! Her grandma Matilda is getting baptized this Saturday. It is going to be a crazy day, but I am so excited. I am sure my entire email next week will just be about this upcoming Saturday. Oh funny story: So we were asking Matilda who she wanted to baptize her and she thought for a second and said, “What about that big guy, who told all those stories about fighting the sharks and family night?” And I immediately knew she was talking about Elder Li-Khau. He is one of my Zone Leaders and he is from New Caledonia, his family is a bunch of fishermen so he always tells us these super awesome stories about how him or his dad had to fight off sharks while they were out fishing. So he will be the one baptizing her!
We started teaching some cute teenage girls in one of the elders areas and it has been pretty fun. They need girl support for a lot of reasons but I am happy to drive all the way to see them. I hope I can start getting their families involved and have some success over there. We put them both on baptismal date and every Friday we take them over to Thol Branch sports night which is so fun!
Okay… I AM STILL SICK. Happy 3 month anniversary to this cold. It’s been fun having on and off headaches, fatigue, sore throat, and running nose. I am done complaining just thought I would mention it. I thought the meds from Guam would work but these last couple days have been a bit of a battle. Still happy and still kicking.
The church produced an Easter video that we showed some less actives and most of our investigators and it was cool, I know that they really felt the Spirit. I love Easter time!
We got to see Precy a lot this week. But it was kind of disappointing because she didn’t make it to church. She is still progressing though and I have faith that she will make her baptismal date. We went over to her house for her sons birthday party and shared a quick message. Her son, RP, was just walking around like a king with his bubble gum lei all night. She is starting to get more proactive about helping us teach some of her relatives which is really cool. And last night we went and watched the Restoration video with her and some other girls and after it was pretty cute because she walked us to our car to make sure no drunk guys would bother us. She’s a keeper.
On Saturday we got to do Zone service. Lucy was the Elders convert. While she was getting baptized her cookhouse burnt down, I guess her dad was pretty upset so all the missionaries got together and we built another one for them! Haha pretty funny, but I am glad we could try to make it better!
Oh yeah, our Chinese investigators gave us some of the BEST Chinese food! I was kind of freaking out. It made me miss China so much! But they were pretty impressed with my chop-stick skillz. Also we got Annie (she is Atheist) to pray. Actually, she asked to pray. It was a really genuine and heart-felt prayer. So I said the closing prayer and it was super simple and short but when I closed I opened my eyes and she said, “I think I want to try.” And it has been a really cool experience trying to help her understand Christianity. I love them!
Happy Easter! Love you all!
My heart goes to my Cowpie this week! Wish I could be there to sing some songs and give you a hug. Wish you could be out here with me to see all the beautiful things and teach me how to scube dive.


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