“Pants might be weird but trousers are probably fine.” #BritishJokes #TeamUSA

Well the power went out today and just barely came back on so we don’t have a lot of time because P-Day is basically over. Sorry for the short emails.

JESMINA GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! And everything went according to plans, it was a great day! Also the Elders investigator named Lucy got baptized so double happiness! Jesmina is the cutest little girl and we are so excited to start working closer with her Titaw(grandma) to help her get baptized this month. We also got quite a few of our investigators there. I think we had 4!
Precy finally came to church on Sunday! After 5 months of working with her she came to church and loved it! She told us she felt so happy to finally be there and that after she left she just wanted to tell everyone that she went to church. She will get baptized April 10! That’s my girl so I’m super excited! She was one of our investigators at Jeminas baptism as well. She is doing so well and the gospel has been such a blessing to her. It is crazy how much this gospel and the Spirit can change people.
The Williams, a senior couple from Guam, were here this week talking about Family History. There aren’t a lot of records here on Yap to record things like that so I kind of  forgot how important it is. I am excited to start teaching it more and helping our members and investigators get more blessing by serving their ancestors.
We had one of our Outer Island investigators make me a woven scripture case thing and I love it. Local style! Plus it keeps my little triple combination safe, which is always good.
There is a drought here on Yap right now. I guess El Nino is a pretty big deal. Just this week they put a ton of signs up to tell people to conserve water. I was talking to a lady that works as the reservoir and she said there isn’t predicted to have enough water until August. All the plants are dying including the coconut trees. I hope we make it! We need some Bamba over here!
I got another package from Alex this week! THANK YOU! It was much appreciated! Lots of candy and other good stuff. My favorite being my new water bottle. I also got a sweet letter from Michelle and TJ, it was good to hear from them as well. Oh yeah, and Sister Calder sent a letter and it was FULL of glitter. I literally got glitter everywhere, it was disgusting. But it was an awesome letter and I think she is doing really well on Guam.
Sister Bradford and I are just chugging along, having a good time and doing our best to help our investigators progress. So far we have been really successful. I love having her around! We have a lot of similar interests. Although I am a lot more sarcastic and sassy than she is she is still laughing and being patient with me. Thank goodness for patient companions!
Elder Whiting from the 70 came to Yap this weekend which was pretty cool! We got to have lunch with him and the Mnuw today. That was pretty cool! He is going to meet with the Presiding Bishop on Thursday, seems crazy to me! But he talked on Sunday and gave us some good advice as missionaries to remember to have dignity since we represent the Savior and not to get casual even though we are on a small island. I know it’s pathetic but it is harder than it sounds.

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