Thin nu Wa’at?

Hey Family and Friends,
Sounds like everyone had a really good week, so I am really happy to hear about that!
This week was pretty awesome here in Yap too. We taught 38 lessons this week! We have quite a few investigators and a lot of them are starting to progress. We have been working really hard with Titaw and Jasmena. And Jasmena is all set up to get baptized this week! I am so happy for her! On Sunday she didn’t want to sit with us so that she could sit by some other girls in the branch.. I was super happy about that! She is really excited to get baptized and I don’t see anything that will be a roadblock for her. But, we are on Yap so send some prayers her way this week.
We have a new Elder on island who was transferred from Guam. His name is Elder Hokao from Vanuatu. He leaves to go home in like 3 weeks, honestly not really sure why he is here.. drama on Guam? Probably. I don’t know what is going on in the mission pretty much ever #YapLyfe
One of our investigators named Precy told us an awesome story this week about how much she has changed since we started teaching her. She is super golden except she hasn’t come to church yet. But basically she was super angry all the time, didn’t spend time with her family, wasn’t chaste, chewed betelnet and was not fun to be around but since we have started teaching her she is always serving her family, stopped chewing the day after we taught Word of Wisdom and gave a pretty convincing story that she is living the Law of Chastity now. There is definitely a light in her eyes. She said she didn’t really notice all of the changes happening in her life until her dad sat her down and talked about how much she has changed. He even lets her take the car now, he used to really not trust her. He doesn’t like other religions very much (he might be Bahai) but he is super nice to us because he can see the change that his daughter had. He will chat with us for a little bit, offer us food and lets us in his house. According to Precy, for him to treat us so kindly, is a huge miracle. We are going to start working with her super hard to get her to church.
This week we helped another one of our investigators with sewing any (local roof). I was super bad at it. Sister Bradford was an allstar. But it was really fun to learn how to do it and spend some time with our investigators.
We started teaching these two straight-up Chinese ladies. I miss China so much. Every time we go to their house it makes me want to go back. They are super impressed with the 3 Chinese things I know how to say. But the mom, En, is Christian but doesn’t really speak english. The daughter, Annie, speaks pretty good english but doesn’t believe in God. So it is an interesting to teach them. I love it!! En has come to church two weeks in a row, so hopefully once we get Chinese materials we can get her baptized.
We taught a lady this week who had her baby 5 days earlier. She was totally nice to us and let us come back the next day! I think me and all my sisters who have had babies know that this girl is a hero.
Lately we have been doing a lot of Outer Island tracting for Sister Bradford. It is fun because I love Outer Island people but it is so hard! In Yapese culture you stand at the edge of their property and yell “Wooo” and “Hello?” until they invite you on. But in the Outer Island houses you just walk straight up to their faces and start talking to them. It is a huge difference so I am trying to get better at that.
We taught a lady this week and her grand-daughter has autism I think but we was like climbing all over me! I didn’t know what to do! White handbook her? I mean it was pretty cute! I loved it! But it was really funny. Halfway through the lesson she just covered my head with her blanket and was climbing on my back. I was just pretending she was my nieces and nephews and it was the best!
Have a good week! Love you all!
Sister Stevens
Yap Day Pictures, I didn’t go but sent my camera with a member:

1. Local Dance-girls

2. Local Dance-boys (how they got stone money from Palau to Yap)
3. Boys local attire (nobody wears that unless they are dancing)
 Also extra pics from zone conference





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