Transfers nge Tawfe u lane Wa’ab

Biney ea wik ba illiliy—This week was crazy

There were so many miracles this week! It went by so fast I feel like I got whiplash!
I’ll start out with the big news from transfers:
Sister Bradford and I are both training! That means we will both be going to Guam Tuesday night! 4 sisters on Yap? This will be the first time that has ever happened! I also found out that I am the new Sister Training Leader. What ever that means. I think it basically just means I get to go to Guam every month for the Leadership Training. So next week when I email I will be in Guam. And I get to see Sister Calder! Guam for a whole week… pray for me please!
Basically the only really notable things that happened this week were on Saturday so I’ll just start from the beginning:
Saturday morning we met Nini and Lucy at the church to go on splits with. Nini and I drove out with the Senior Couple the Brimhalls to Thol to walk with some of our investigators to their Easter activity. We stayed for about an hour. It was fun, they were preparing the BBQ. The activity started at 10 but island time.. it didn’t really start until about 12. We got the girls to the activity, helped build the fire, and then headed back to Colonia.
At 12, Matilda, our investigator, got baptized! My Yapese Titaw(Grandma), Jesmina’s grandma, was all ready to go! Sister Bradford and Lucy stayed behind to clean the font, print the programs, help her get dressed, and everything else. So when I got back we were all ready! And our baptism actually started on time which is a miracle. The talks, music, everything went really well. Matilda asked Elder Li-Khau to baptize her so the Elders also got to come. I went in the bathroom to do some final prepping before she went in the font, ran out to watch it, then ran back in the bathroom when she was done. She came out of the door with a red face and weepy eyes. Through her tears she just looked at me and said, “I’m so happy!” It was a really cool moment. I know that she was prepared and will stay strong in the church. The Spirit was really strong the whole baptismal service. [Baptism 1]
After Matilda’s baptism there was a youth activity at the “beach” down south. Elder Herman and Elder Li-Khau had a baptism that happened in the ocean. It was really cool to see! They had a 16 year old boy who just got ordained a Priest to do the baptism for his friend. Alex. After the baptism we had food and activities. Everything went really smoothly which was really surprising. We put together some hot-dogs and had to head out. [Baptism 2]
We couldn’t stay at the activity for long because we had to drive back and help Precy get to Elder Taylor, Elder Zonts and Elder Hokoa’s baptism. We went to go get Precy and couldn’t find a ride for her so we just walked with her to the church. It wasn’t too far so not a big deal. The Tomil Elders were baptizing 7 people! Two different families! It was so cool to see them all get baptized one after the other. Since most of them were girls I was pretty involved helping them get ready in the bathroom which was fun. I showed them how to hold their hands in the font and everything. The dad that was getting baptized is named Santus and his legs are pretty weak, he can’t really walk. But he was a hero. There were 3 Elders in the font at once and he walked in, stood up and got baptized. What a neat experience. At the end I went in the bathroom and was giving all the girls hugs but one of the moms was already taking off her jumpsuit so I gave a shirtless outer island lady a hug after her baptism. What a neat experience. It was really cool to have Precy there to see it. She really enjoyed watching the family.[Baptism 3-9]
Easter was also awesome! We went over the the Brimhall’s for dinner. Sister Bradford made cute little bunny dinner rolls and potato casserole we also brought Score Cake!! Yummmm thank you Alex and Tiff for the Score cake! It was a hit!
Hope everyone is safe and healthy. Happy Easter!
Love and miss you,
Sister Stevens

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