Happy Yap Day everyone!

Also, Don’t look Yap Day up on the internet. It will just be a bunch of shirtless tourists.
Don’t worry, President Zarbock banned us from going.
Anyways, this week went really well! We had about 80 people at church on Sunday! Over 20 less-actives and over 5 investigators. That’s including the Elders who are in the same branch. There were almost 20 kids in primary and since the primary teacher doesn’t have any assistants, we helped out. Yapese kids are crazy! Cute.. but less cute when they are sassing you.
The Tomil Elders (Elder Taylor and Zonts) has a baptism on Saturday! I am in awe that our Zone has had 2 baptisms this month! It is really exciting! We had some investigators there so we were even able to attend.
Jasmenah and Titau are doing awesome! They have come to church 2 weeks in a row and are reading their Book of Mormons! Titau even made us nunu’s (headband lei’s) on Sunday! She has been pretty worried about coming to church and such because her baptists friends are giving her a pretty hard time. But she is pushing through and seems to be happy with all of her decisions. She might be the easiest baptist-convert baptism in history. She has been so prepared and she has a lot of faith.
This week at family night the branch president from Thol kind of freaked out and started yelling at everyone. It was pretty awkward with our investigators there (Jasmenah and Titau). It’s okay, they still came to church haha but now that are pretty scared of him.
We were teaching this lady named Valerie and she was progressing super well so we were going to put her on a date a couple weeks ago but they same appointment she told us that she was baptized when she was younger and lived in Palau. What? (I might have already told you that story, oh well) Anyways, we started teaching her son Elliott and they are both awesome! And both of them even came to church on Sunday. The Dad will be a little harder to get, but I know we can!
We rode the bus to church and I talked to this girl named Nini, who is 19, the whole time about serving a mission. I asked her a month ago if she was going to serve and she very clearly said no because she doesn’t want to. But she is already making plans to go! She will be an awesome missionary.
Yesterday we were trying to use our miracle minutes and we went to schedule with a lady and when we were getting back into the car I heard someone walking down the road. I assumed it was an innocent person so I said, “Kagbul(goodnight)” and it was a street crazy!!!!! He like walked up to me and was just staring at me with a super creepy smile. I have never gotten in the car faster. I was so terrified. But I made it another week so all is good.
Love you all!
Sister Stevens


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