General Conference Weekend!

Mogethin family and friends!
Seems like I just wrote you a couple days ago!
Nothing too crazy happened this week but we finally got to watch conference! It was so good and I am excited to read them again, they always go by too fast. It is really good motivation for missionaries to listen to the Prophet and Apostles teach the members of the church what we teach investigators everyday. I guess I never really understood how simple the gospel really is. But I also felt really out of the loop with all the refugee things they talked about. But I think all the missionaries here on Yap feel a renewed sense of purpose and love.
This week we took a recent convert named Lucy teaching with us ALL DAY. It was awesome! So fun to have her. We warned her beforehand of course and took her out for dinner but she was with us from 1pm to 9pm! She is so sweet and already such a good teacher, she is planning on serving a mission as soon as possible. I hope we can do that with her a couple more times to help her prepare since she isn’t going to school right now and just turned 19.
We started teaching a lady in one of the Elders area named Melinda, she is really nice but so quiet. She also only speak Yapese. Which is awesome but a little challenging. I can teach decently well in Yapese but am pretty far from being considered fluent. Don’t worry, I’m reading my Yapese Book of Mormon and studying. I am excited for Sister Saimon to get good at it, I know she will!
Sister Saimon wants me to try and eat nothing but local food.. Micronesian style! So we are going to try and set that up. I like local food so I’m kind of excited for it. Local food is fish, taro, tapioca, breadfruit, and we could probably throw koolaid, ramen, and canned meat onto that list. We have been trying to buy local food from people this week as a way to soften hearts and help the community (mission presidents idea) but no one will let us buy it! They just give it to us for free! We will have to try it with some of our really religious previous investigators instead of our current ones.
Can’t wait to call home this week! Happy Mothers Day!
Love and miss you all,
Sister Stevens

Pictures (not sure what order)

–Women’s Session, only three ladies showed up
–Elder Li-Khau and Jimmy(Recent Convert) at Lucy’s birthday party
–Lucy(Recent Convert) on her birthday with cake!  Her birthday wish was to go on a mission!
–I forgot the other one I attached, sorry

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