Fel Ya’ag

This week has been slightly more low-key. For me. Not for my family.
Good luck to everyone with finals, work, recovering from traveling and hosting.
And congrats to Jenny and Steve! Wish I was there to hold little Cecilia!
Well I had to give a little training at our Zone Meeting this week, it was okay. The Elders told me the night before that I was helping them with it so I wasn’t really prepared. But I think it went okay.
Our investigator Levida is keeping me going right now. She is on date for May 28 and she has been coming to church for like 3 months. She just has to finally quit betelnut and convince her local husband to become her legal husband. I feel good about it, I am really hoping everything works out! But she has opened up to us so much! She tells us all these funny stories about when she was teenage punk and I am always laughing super hard. Micronesia is one of a kind.
This week one of the pipes in our bathroom got a leak in it so our bathroom was a mini pool. It was clean water luckily. Also Sister Bradford has a lot of patience because she scooped all the water from the floor to our shower with a little cup multiple times. It’s fixed now so we are all happy again!
Sister Smith and I went to Thol Branch yesterday to help again with Primary. It was kind of successful. I had fun. But this week Thol Branch moved from a two block schedule to a three block schedule and the Relief Society President was in the Hospital with a burst appendix (is that how you spell it?). So all the Relief Society ladies came into our tiny, tiny little primary room. And I had no idea what to do. And I prepared for primary, not relief society. So I did what any good Primary teacher would do and I made those ladies sing! We passed out hymn books and sang all the primary songs in the hymn book. Most of them don’t really speak english so I was talking to a room full of Outer Island ladies in Yapese. Some of them could understand me better than when I spoke english but I felt pretty funny doing it!
The Tomil elders (Elder Taylor and Elder Zonts) had a baptism on Saturday. Which was pretty awesome! It was an Outer Island lady named Sara and she looked super happy! I helped get her dressed and helped Lisa (a 16 year old recent convert) prepare her talk on the Holy Ghost. It was a good night!
Guba adag’em ere Kafel,
Sister Stevens


1. Ocean..
2. Bathroom pipe had a leak.. clean water I swear.
3. Titaw is making a local skirt! But not for me… yet.

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