Bachane gub wechwech?

My subject means: Is it because I’m white?

This week I made custard for District Meeting. I’m never making custard again. I tried my best and I think it turned out okay but I’ve never even had custard before so I’m not sure how it is supposed to turn out. Oh well, everyone ate it and I didn’t get as many complaints this time!
Titaw (our recent convert) has been a roll lately.. she can’t stop giving us things. Almost every time we go over she tries to give us food or jewelry or something. I always tell her to stop but she just yells at me because I won’t accept her gifts. She has already gotten me earrings, necklace, and a pineapple and was asking if I wanted a bracelet. I love her!
There was the kindergarten graduation this week and we got to go to it for our dinner break! It was so fun and cute! There were soo many people there! Graduations are a huge deal here. But I attacked a picture of Presi, RP and I and also a picture of Levida, her two daughters, Sister Saimon and I. Some people were giving us leis for no reason so we gave them to our branch Relief Society President Sister Gurwan! It was so fun.
After we went over to Presi’s house for some cake. We also got a hold of her helium balloons and showed her how to talk with helium, it was really funny. We talked, ate cake and headed out.
On Saturday we had a service project at the Zone Leaders (Elder Herman and Elder Li-Khau) investigators house. We helped clear the path to his house and then got started on fixing the roof. Elder Palmer took some selfies on my camera so I had to attach one. I was so tired afterwards but it was pretty fun to use my machete and then pretend to look useful while the elders fixed his house.
Our branch mission leader Wuyoch also made us chicken soup this week. It was so good! I was really happy. We have been asking him for chicken soup for like a month now. Finally got it! Persistence is key in missionary work. People aren’t likely to make you chicken soup unless yo ask.
Levida is supposed to get baptized this week! I’m a little nervous because her husband basically refuses to marry her so I am just really praying for a miracle. I’ll let you know how it goes next week.
Oh yeah, we also have been getting a lot of rain lately. You can stop praying for it now because I’m tired of walking in the rain haha I’m kidding! It is a relief, I think everyone is ready for the drought to be over!
Love and miss you all,
Sister Stevens


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