Ba Gaa’ Email

Okay so this week has been another good one! Lot’s of miracles and lots of laugh’s!

On Tuesday there was a Youth Activity at the “beach”. It actually turned out to be really fun! We had some nasty Yap BBQ, played some volleyball and hung out. Missionaries didn’t stay for long but it was still fun to see everyone!
We helped Lavida in her garden on Saturday, even though she didn’t want us to. There were TONS of mosquitoes but I wore pants and long sleeve and doused myself in deet so I came out with only 5 bug bites. I was proud of myself. We have also been teaching Lavida about the temple and she is getting so excited. I almost started crying during one of our lessons, it was pretty cool. The church came out with the new pamphlets about Families and Temples and they put pictures of the baptistery, celestial room and sealing room. It was so fun to look at and share!
We started teaching Persy, Lavida’s cousin, and she is doing really well. She didn’t make it to church but has already started to quite betelnut! I’m so proud of her! Her and Lavida have been changing a lot. They tell me stories of when they were in High School and I think they are both ready for the change.
The guy in charge of translation took all four of us Sisters out to dinner this week. His name is Michael and I just told him about what people say about the Yapese pamphlets and had some good sweet and sour chicken.
On Sunday Sister Saimon and I rode the bus! We got on where it starts and brought hymn books. Singing is fun but I am so bad at it! Everyone would tell me to lead and if I stopped singing the entire bus would stop singing… my voice isn’t loud or impressive to it was kind of embarrassing but the job is done, until next week.
We taught Hilary this week one of Sister Calder and I’s old investigators. He just goes missing so much! But hopefully we can start to see him again. He was really close to baptism in December.
Sister Saimon and I are just working hard doing our best. Nothing crazy to report on this week. Sister Bradford and Sister Smith and crazy always laughing and having a good time. We have a fun time together!
Thanks for your emails, prayers and thoughts!
Love and miss you all,
Sister Stevens

Mangil ea Rran ko Papa Rog!

Mogethin Family and Friends!
Missed celebrating with you all this year.
Well last night we got transfer calls and I am happy because yes, I’m still on Yap.
My Zone Leader (Elder Herman) got transferred to Guam and he is the new Assistant so I will see him in a couple weeks for the Missionary Leadership Council.
Elder Taylor the District Leader got moved up from District Leader to Zone Leader but he was learning the Outer Island language and now is has to learn Yapese.
Elder Palmer is our new District Leader which we were all really happy about!
There are no more sisters on the island of Chuuk. When the Apostles went to Guam (Elder Cook and Stevenson) they were not happy that there were sisters there so President took them off. Crazy!
This week Sister Saimon got her Drivers License. I taught her how to drive and quizzed her a lot for the written. It was pretty hard work and also super scary sometimes. But now I am just scared to drive around this place because of how easy it is and how unskilled of a driver you can be and still get your licence. But it’s good!
This week we had to move boxes of water bottles.. a lot of them! The church bought a whole container of water to send to the Outer Islands and so we got to be Mormon Helping Hands this week! I got a ton of “fun” bruises on my arms from it. It looked pretty gnarly. I had to wear a sweater for the fireside we wore that night. It was really fun to move all the water but I did miss seeing all of our investigators this week. We would just pick up these huge boxes pass them down a line onto a truck with a crate and then they would drive it down the the dock and we only had one truck so we would stay and wait and while they were gone and then do it again.. for hours. As sister we cooked soo much this week! We cooked some Potato soup (Head Chef: Sister Bradford) and it was a big hit. Then I headed the Sisters in making some delicious Pumpkin Curry with fresh pumpkin! No one was happy when I said “Pumpkin Curry” but everyone was happy after they tried it! All of the missionaries ate good this week!
We met one of Lavida’s friends this week named Persy. She is so awesome! We put her on date and Lavida was thrilled to find out that she is getting baptized. She is helping her come to church and is a great example. Recent Converts are the best when it comes to Missionary work!
This Thursday we were able to hike up to the Radio Tower and dedicate Yap to missionary work and the Lord. It was a hot hike up, a really good prayer given by Elder Brimhall (senior couple) and then it poured super hard on the way down. We were soaked so Sister Bradford’s already delicious soup really hit the spot for all of us!
On Friday we had a missionary fireside. Not a lot of people came but enough people came. It was all about faith and repentance. Sister Saimon and I got to show a Mormon Message so our job was easy. Everyone there had a good time! And after we got hot dogs and ice cream. The church is the same all around the world isn’t it?
I borrowed Elder Palmers’ roping dummy this week, so any free time I have I am trying to learn how to rope. It has really been getting me in the 4th of July spirit which Sister Saimon thought was pretty funny. I was listening to the Star Spangled Banner and roping, it was a good time for me.
Also Elder Li-Khau wanted to say hi to everyone!
Hope you all have a fun week!
Love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens


1-3 Saying goodbye to Elder Herman
4-8 Moving Water (Mormon Helping Hands)
9 Package from Alex and Tiff
Additional Pics:
We sang as a zone for our missionary fireside!
Mountain Pictures

Gu Ba A’dag Wa’ab

Mogethin family and friends! Sorry last weeks email was “lame” to quote my mom. Hopefully I’ll do better this week!

Things have just been nonstop here! Guam was a short trip but a tiring trip! The Missionary Leadership Council was good, I think I only half fell asleep once which was an accomplishment! When I got back to Yap my mind was super confused because in only 3 days I missed so much!
We worked hard all week and I have really been loving teaching in Yapese lately. It’s so fun! But we had a Zone Meeting which I had to help the Zone Leaders (Elder Herman and Elder Li-Khau) with. I did a small portion of the training from when we were in Guam. Everything went well and we had a good lunch too.
Sister Saimon is trying to get her license which has been interesting. Teaching people how to drive is not easy! But she passed her written part after hours of study and will take the driving part today. Pray for her!
The most, best, favorite news of the week is that Lavida got baptized!! It was so wonderful! She had some of her family come and even one of her friends! She looked so happy and everything went surprisingly smooth. I told her on Friday that if she showed up late I was going to be so mad, and she showed up late haha but I was just laughing because I know she had to get her girls and everyone else ready. She was laughing too, we have fun. On Sunday President Zarbock came and she chose him to confirm her a member of the church and give her the gift of the Holy Ghost. She was really happy about that!
Since President Zarbock and his wife are on island they did a fireside Sunday night and a training just for the missionaries Monday. The fireside was pretty interesting. The First Presidency gave the islands permission to do an “In-Kind” fast offering. Meaning that they can give food instead of money if they don’t have jobs. Hopefully this will help these people learn better how to give and sacrifice to that they can receive those blessings.
The training yesterday was really good. I like Zone Training better than Zone Conferences because they aren’t as structured. But we talked about teaching more simply and slower so that people can really understand what we are saying. White girls have moter-boat mouths so this was a really good training for 3/4 of the sisters on this island! We all had a good laugh about that.
And last night we had Family Night over at Lavida’s because almost all of her family is Less-Active. And President and Sister Zarbock asked if they could come… scary! Haha it actually went really well. They had a lot of fun and everyone was happy because they brought cookies! We taught about prayer and the Book of Mormon. And after they assured Sister Saimon and I that they had a wonderful time.
Have a good week!
I am grateful for all of your prayers and thoughts!
I love and miss you all,
Sister Stevens

June 6

I’m emailing from Guam today, pretty lame because the missionaries were dumb and we aren’t allowed to use the church family history computer lab anymore so over 20 missionaries are emailing from 2 computers. So, I only have time to send this email and an email to President.

Last weeks food poisening came and went but I was really tired this week. But we still got work done and did as much as we could!
On Saturday night before I left for Guam we had a little dinner party with Titaw, Jesmina and Wuyoch. It was so fun! We had chicken, rice, salad, hot dogs, pizza, taro and some no bake cookies! Everyone brought something.
Guam has been exhausting.. I am the only Sister from Yap here. The other three are back on Yap. I have no idea how they are doing but I’m sure they are fine. Sunday was fun with traveling and fasting but the meeting was still really good. We learned about becoming better teacher and teaching more simply to peoples needs. President Zarbock made me sit in front but I was still kind of falling asleep.
Today we just went shopping and hanging out at the church… Guam P-Day’s are pretty boring. Hopefully next month we will do something fun. Apparently I am coming to Guam every month now.
I’ll send lots of pictures next week!
Love you all and hope things are well,
Sister Stevens

Fancy Pants

Hello friends and family!

Well the policy on pants changed.. so I wore pants! I felt pretty good about it and got good reviews from everyone but the Elders in my zone. And most importantly, I got significantly less mosquito bites.
Titaw, our recent convert, also gave us 23 fish this week! We won’t go hungry!
Lavida wasn’t able to get baptized but will soon, she still wants to and we are working closely with her.
There was a relief society activity this week which turned out to be pretty successful. We just talked about relief society, played some games, and ate.
Our car had to get jumped like 5 times so they finally got us a new battery.
Yesterday we had a Mission Conference and it was awesome! They streamed it form Guam and we got to hear from Elder Cook of the 12.
We also went on exchanges this week. I was with Sister Smith.
Right now I have the flu, and it is terrible. I was thowing up all last night. Ugh. I can hardly sit here and type right now so I better head home.
Love and miss you all
Sister Stevens