Ba Gaa’ Email

Okay so this week has been another good one! Lot’s of miracles and lots of laugh’s!

On Tuesday there was a Youth Activity at the “beach”. It actually turned out to be really fun! We had some nasty Yap BBQ, played some volleyball and hung out. Missionaries didn’t stay for long but it was still fun to see everyone!
We helped Lavida in her garden on Saturday, even though she didn’t want us to. There were TONS of mosquitoes but I wore pants and long sleeve and doused myself in deet so I came out with only 5 bug bites. I was proud of myself. We have also been teaching Lavida about the temple and she is getting so excited. I almost started crying during one of our lessons, it was pretty cool. The church came out with the new pamphlets about Families and Temples and they put pictures of the baptistery, celestial room and sealing room. It was so fun to look at and share!
We started teaching Persy, Lavida’s cousin, and she is doing really well. She didn’t make it to church but has already started to quite betelnut! I’m so proud of her! Her and Lavida have been changing a lot. They tell me stories of when they were in High School and I think they are both ready for the change.
The guy in charge of translation took all four of us Sisters out to dinner this week. His name is Michael and I just told him about what people say about the Yapese pamphlets and had some good sweet and sour chicken.
On Sunday Sister Saimon and I rode the bus! We got on where it starts and brought hymn books. Singing is fun but I am so bad at it! Everyone would tell me to lead and if I stopped singing the entire bus would stop singing… my voice isn’t loud or impressive to it was kind of embarrassing but the job is done, until next week.
We taught Hilary this week one of Sister Calder and I’s old investigators. He just goes missing so much! But hopefully we can start to see him again. He was really close to baptism in December.
Sister Saimon and I are just working hard doing our best. Nothing crazy to report on this week. Sister Bradford and Sister Smith and crazy always laughing and having a good time. We have a fun time together!
Thanks for your emails, prayers and thoughts!
Love and miss you all,
Sister Stevens

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