Fancy Pants

Hello friends and family!

Well the policy on pants changed.. so I wore pants! I felt pretty good about it and got good reviews from everyone but the Elders in my zone. And most importantly, I got significantly less mosquito bites.
Titaw, our recent convert, also gave us 23 fish this week! We won’t go hungry!
Lavida wasn’t able to get baptized but will soon, she still wants to and we are working closely with her.
There was a relief society activity this week which turned out to be pretty successful. We just talked about relief society, played some games, and ate.
Our car had to get jumped like 5 times so they finally got us a new battery.
Yesterday we had a Mission Conference and it was awesome! They streamed it form Guam and we got to hear from Elder Cook of the 12.
We also went on exchanges this week. I was with Sister Smith.
Right now I have the flu, and it is terrible. I was thowing up all last night. Ugh. I can hardly sit here and type right now so I better head home.
Love and miss you all
Sister Stevens

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