Gu Ba A’dag Wa’ab

Mogethin family and friends! Sorry last weeks email was “lame” to quote my mom. Hopefully I’ll do better this week!

Things have just been nonstop here! Guam was a short trip but a tiring trip! The Missionary Leadership Council was good, I think I only half fell asleep once which was an accomplishment! When I got back to Yap my mind was super confused because in only 3 days I missed so much!
We worked hard all week and I have really been loving teaching in Yapese lately. It’s so fun! But we had a Zone Meeting which I had to help the Zone Leaders (Elder Herman and Elder Li-Khau) with. I did a small portion of the training from when we were in Guam. Everything went well and we had a good lunch too.
Sister Saimon is trying to get her license which has been interesting. Teaching people how to drive is not easy! But she passed her written part after hours of study and will take the driving part today. Pray for her!
The most, best, favorite news of the week is that Lavida got baptized!! It was so wonderful! She had some of her family come and even one of her friends! She looked so happy and everything went surprisingly smooth. I told her on Friday that if she showed up late I was going to be so mad, and she showed up late haha but I was just laughing because I know she had to get her girls and everyone else ready. She was laughing too, we have fun. On Sunday President Zarbock came and she chose him to confirm her a member of the church and give her the gift of the Holy Ghost. She was really happy about that!
Since President Zarbock and his wife are on island they did a fireside Sunday night and a training just for the missionaries Monday. The fireside was pretty interesting. The First Presidency gave the islands permission to do an “In-Kind” fast offering. Meaning that they can give food instead of money if they don’t have jobs. Hopefully this will help these people learn better how to give and sacrifice to that they can receive those blessings.
The training yesterday was really good. I like Zone Training better than Zone Conferences because they aren’t as structured. But we talked about teaching more simply and slower so that people can really understand what we are saying. White girls have moter-boat mouths so this was a really good training for 3/4 of the sisters on this island! We all had a good laugh about that.
And last night we had Family Night over at Lavida’s because almost all of her family is Less-Active. And President and Sister Zarbock asked if they could come… scary! Haha it actually went really well. They had a lot of fun and everyone was happy because they brought cookies! We taught about prayer and the Book of Mormon. And after they assured Sister Saimon and I that they had a wonderful time.
Have a good week!
I am grateful for all of your prayers and thoughts!
I love and miss you all,
Sister Stevens

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