June 6

I’m emailing from Guam today, pretty lame because the missionaries were dumb and we aren’t allowed to use the church family history computer lab anymore so over 20 missionaries are emailing from 2 computers. So, I only have time to send this email and an email to President.

Last weeks food poisening came and went but I was really tired this week. But we still got work done and did as much as we could!
On Saturday night before I left for Guam we had a little dinner party with Titaw, Jesmina and Wuyoch. It was so fun! We had chicken, rice, salad, hot dogs, pizza, taro and some no bake cookies! Everyone brought something.
Guam has been exhausting.. I am the only Sister from Yap here. The other three are back on Yap. I have no idea how they are doing but I’m sure they are fine. Sunday was fun with traveling and fasting but the meeting was still really good. We learned about becoming better teacher and teaching more simply to peoples needs. President Zarbock made me sit in front but I was still kind of falling asleep.
Today we just went shopping and hanging out at the church… Guam P-Day’s are pretty boring. Hopefully next month we will do something fun. Apparently I am coming to Guam every month now.
I’ll send lots of pictures next week!
Love you all and hope things are well,
Sister Stevens

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