Mangil ea Rran ko Papa Rog!

Mogethin Family and Friends!
Missed celebrating with you all this year.
Well last night we got transfer calls and I am happy because yes, I’m still on Yap.
My Zone Leader (Elder Herman) got transferred to Guam and he is the new Assistant so I will see him in a couple weeks for the Missionary Leadership Council.
Elder Taylor the District Leader got moved up from District Leader to Zone Leader but he was learning the Outer Island language and now is has to learn Yapese.
Elder Palmer is our new District Leader which we were all really happy about!
There are no more sisters on the island of Chuuk. When the Apostles went to Guam (Elder Cook and Stevenson) they were not happy that there were sisters there so President took them off. Crazy!
This week Sister Saimon got her Drivers License. I taught her how to drive and quizzed her a lot for the written. It was pretty hard work and also super scary sometimes. But now I am just scared to drive around this place because of how easy it is and how unskilled of a driver you can be and still get your licence. But it’s good!
This week we had to move boxes of water bottles.. a lot of them! The church bought a whole container of water to send to the Outer Islands and so we got to be Mormon Helping Hands this week! I got a ton of “fun” bruises on my arms from it. It looked pretty gnarly. I had to wear a sweater for the fireside we wore that night. It was really fun to move all the water but I did miss seeing all of our investigators this week. We would just pick up these huge boxes pass them down a line onto a truck with a crate and then they would drive it down the the dock and we only had one truck so we would stay and wait and while they were gone and then do it again.. for hours. As sister we cooked soo much this week! We cooked some Potato soup (Head Chef: Sister Bradford) and it was a big hit. Then I headed the Sisters in making some delicious Pumpkin Curry with fresh pumpkin! No one was happy when I said “Pumpkin Curry” but everyone was happy after they tried it! All of the missionaries ate good this week!
We met one of Lavida’s friends this week named Persy. She is so awesome! We put her on date and Lavida was thrilled to find out that she is getting baptized. She is helping her come to church and is a great example. Recent Converts are the best when it comes to Missionary work!
This Thursday we were able to hike up to the Radio Tower and dedicate Yap to missionary work and the Lord. It was a hot hike up, a really good prayer given by Elder Brimhall (senior couple) and then it poured super hard on the way down. We were soaked so Sister Bradford’s already delicious soup really hit the spot for all of us!
On Friday we had a missionary fireside. Not a lot of people came but enough people came. It was all about faith and repentance. Sister Saimon and I got to show a Mormon Message so our job was easy. Everyone there had a good time! And after we got hot dogs and ice cream. The church is the same all around the world isn’t it?
I borrowed Elder Palmers’ roping dummy this week, so any free time I have I am trying to learn how to rope. It has really been getting me in the 4th of July spirit which Sister Saimon thought was pretty funny. I was listening to the Star Spangled Banner and roping, it was a good time for me.
Also Elder Li-Khau wanted to say hi to everyone!
Hope you all have a fun week!
Love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens


1-3 Saying goodbye to Elder Herman
4-8 Moving Water (Mormon Helping Hands)
9 Package from Alex and Tiff
Additional Pics:
We sang as a zone for our missionary fireside!
Mountain Pictures

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