“Danga! Gur ea wechwech!”

Ke urogon buch tabinaw rog?

For my subject line: This week Lavida was telling Sister Saimon that she is almost a local and got a little bit offended and said “What about me? I’m local right?” and Lavida just looked at me, laughed, and said, “Danga! Gur ea wechwech!” (No! You’re white!) It was super funny! It hurt, but it’s okay because it was funny… and true.
Well on Tuesday all we did was go to the Police Station to report our car getting keyed and fix the battery in the car we are driving now. It took forever. We are still driving the Zone Leaders car (Elder Li-Khau and Elder Taylor.) We were running errands for them and trying to figure out the Eqonox which is such a weird car. But it all worked out.
And the best news of the week is that Persy got baptized!!! The baptism went really smooth after the 30 minute late start. Island time? We spent all day Saturday at the church cleaning, filling the font, re-filling the font, cleaning more, doing the programs.Sister Saimon and I worked HARD. But everything got done and went well. Also we did a missionary musical number at the baptism so everyone came early to practice. I wasn’t planning on singing in it because it wasn’t really necessary for me to be up there but when everyone was walking up Lavida yelled at me to go up there, so I did. She said she could hear me singing. Persy was so nervous and excited! She was basically in tears the whole time she was at the church but it was because she was happy.
Afterwards we went over and ate some score cake! Sister Bradford finds every excuse to make that cake now. No complaints from me! And I think everyone liked it. But the locals said it is “too sweet” haha yeah, because there is nothing that is more saturated with sugar than score cake.
We have been teaching this guy name Ga’ag. He is progressing and I even built us a little koyang to have our lessons in. He stays with some members so that is really helpful. But hopefully we can get him baptized soon. There may be some complications with his past so everything is kind of up in the air but we are going to keep teaching him and help him progress.
So we made like 3 homemade pizzas this week and they have all been amazing. I don’t even like homemade pizzas but they tasted so good! I learned how to make pizza dough and everything. So today we are making pizza for the elders. Happy P-day! They are really excited. But it is a bummer cheese is so expensive.
President Zarbock will come this Saturday night which means I will be emailing a day late next week.
Lots of miracles on Yap right now. We are supposed to start all of our lessons with a song now, not as much of a miracle, but it is really nice. Gets everyone focused for the lesson and invites the spirit. But mostly it’s just me doing a solo. Sing, sing, sing, I like to sing, I like to sing a song, sing, sing , sing. (Primary Songbook.) Or at least I’m trying to like to sing!
Have a good week!
I love and miss you all,
Sister Stevens

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