Ngiyal ko Ngongor!

Hello! This week has been pretty amazing! It went by way too fast. But we were successful even though I wan’t on Yap until Wednesday.

My subject says: Pineapple Time! We have received over 10 pineapples this week! I love pineapples.

Tuesday on Guam was interesting. Just followed the Guam sisters around and helped out teaching where they let me. They have some really awesome investigators. Chuukese people have such soft hearts! Feeling the spirit comes easy for them! They are also so warm and loving. I got lots of hugs on Tuesday.
They rest of the weeks Sister Saimon and I just worked as hard as we could to see as many people as possible. We are starting to teach together in Yapese which is pretty exciting. I saw a picture of Alex holding a Yapese Book of Mormon and just laughed because reading Yapese is so dang hard! But we had a huge miracle this week, we taught 18 member presents.. in one week.. unheard of for me in this area. And this week we are preparing Persy’s baptism! She is so excited!
We had Zone Meeting on Thursday which I had to help present from our meeting in Guam last Sunday. I always get so nervous to stand in front of the zone even though there are only 10 missionaries in our zone. But I reviewed my notes and prepared more this time so I ended up feeling pretty good about the parts I was in charge of.
Oh I almost forgot.. someone keyed our car this week. They just wrote something kind of bad on one of the back doors. It was pretty small but not good. Definitely not virtuous. So that was kind of a bummer. Big bummer. So now I have to work with the police and insurance company to figure everything out. Exciting. But President Zarbock doesn’t want us to drive that car until it is fixed so we are driving Elder Li-Khau and Elder Taylor’s car.
Wearing pants has been pretty nice at night! I hate mosquito bites. Sometimes I go the extra mile and wear a cardigan even though it is so hot and humid. I had to attach a picture because that outfit was very different from I pictured myself wearing when I got called to this mission.
I also received a package from Sister Calder this week! She is the best mission mom ever! I really do miss her out here! But she filled the whole box with glitter which I was not a fan of.. at all. But grateful now and at the beginning of my mission for her sense of humor. Just like my real mom, she knows how to push my buttons! Just kidding Mom, I love you!
The Tomil Elders (Elder Zonts and Wolfgramm) are supposed to have a baptism this week as well so there should be some fun pictures next week!
Love and miss you all,
Sister Stevens

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