“U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A.”-Jackson

Happy 4th of July! I am missing Jackson’s chanting today. Steve and Jenny taught him well.

I am emailing from Guam again which is always bitter-sweet. It is fun to come and meet all the other missionaries and go to the Mission Leadership Council but I am so tired all the time because of the lack of sleep and I miss my people on Yap!
Well Persy is our number one investigator right now. She is awesome! She quite chewing betelnut on Friday and came to church. She is nothing short of a miracle that fell into our hands. Her little son is the same age as one of Lavida’s daughters so they just need to stay strong and get callings and they will strengthen the branch so much!
We started teaching this guy named James Ga’ag. I love teaching him because he only speaks Yapese. But he is a little tough. He always smiles, nods, and says he understands and then we ask him a question and he still doesn’t know. Even after one of our member present explains things. He is a little off but he also came to church on Sunday which I was really excited about!
This week I went on exchanges with Sister Bradford. It was super fun! We walked and walked and walked and walked aaaaaaaand walked. But we also taught some really good lessons, went and got some orange chicken from Ganirs, and then we picked up a member present, went to teach a lesson and I got sick. Really sick. So that was a quick lesson. And we were in for the rest of the night which was a bummer. But I felt completely better the next day. But then the next day.. Sister Saimon got really sick and was throwing up a lot. But that passed too and we were able to go teaching in the afternoon.
Sorry I’m not sending any pictures this week but I have a lot to send next week!
The flight to Guam was hard as always. Plus when I walked into the gate waiting room I saw Alvina! She was one of SisterCalder and I’s favorite member presents because she is a return missionary. But she is moving to Guam. She was just going to ship out without even saying goodbye but I am so grateful I caught her! I will really miss her.
After the 2.5 hours of sleep Sacrament meeting went well then after we had a meeting for only sisters which went really well but lasted almost 2 hours so driving to the Missionary Leadership Council was weird because it felt like it had already started. But the meeting went really well. Every time I am more awake and more prepared. But I am companions with Sister Fulcher who serves on Palau and is from Australia. Sister Zarbocks food was good as always and afterwards is was like a circus everyone was taking pictures and we all just had so much energy from sitting down all day.
Today I am wearing red, white and blue. But I am pretty much the only one. No shame in America! Enjoy the fireworks and BBQ!
Love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens

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