Another Fast Sunday, Another 8 Hour Long Meeting

Well my monthly Guam email will be short but hopefully I added enough pictures to make it interesting.

Elder Li-Khau and Taylor had a baptism this Saturday which was pretty fun. It was a little 9 year old girl named Amenda Tilin and her family is less-active but should be re-activated this month so that will be cool to have more people doing their callings in the branch.
Before that this week nothing too exciting happened. It has been raining more which has been good and Sister Bradford and Sister Smith are always singing and telling jokes. They are pretty fun to have around the house. Sister Bradford brings the dinner and Sister Smith brings the show (if she’s not sleeping.)
So the flight from Yap to Guam was late (on top of already being in the middle of the night) so as I was walking up to the apartment in Guam my 6:30 alarm went off. Church was good, I was freezing all day! We helped teach primary and I only fell asleep once.
For the Missionary Leadership Council, President Zarbock made me sit in front, so that wasn’t ideal. But, I did stay awake. I was so hungry but still learned a lot. The main focus was teaching in unity with your companion and using your planning hours effectively. Sister Zarbock made lasagna and right before we ate we were doing a role-play and I almost passed out. But food was good, the meeting was good!
Today I hope I can actually do something fun but I’ll probably just end up shopping all day.
Love and miss you all,
Sister Stevens


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