Kayog Lamum


Hope everyone had a good week! This week was crazy over here. Not even really sure what happened because it went by so fast.
I guess I will just cut to the chase… Jeffery got baptized on Saturday! Saturday was honestly one of the most tiring days of my life. I did a language study for some of the Yapese speaking missionaries because most of them have just started learning it and it is always good to go back to the basics. Then we went and tried hamburgers from this one place.. it was so good! (Not as good as my dad’s hamburgers, but I’m on Yap so I can’t be too picky!) We are going back there today because we were all so impressed. But after that we went finding and tried to contact some referrals then headed to the Branch activity.
Somehow I was put in charge of doing musical chairs? It was the worst thing. I swear there were over 100 people/mostly kids there. And it was raining so everyone was stuffed inside our tiny little building! No one really wanted to play so it basically just turned into a little kid tornado. No one was ever out haha but then I got volunteered for a cracker/peanut butter eating contest which was not good. I didn’t really try because I’m not a fan of those. So the activity continued and we were able to get everyone ready for the baptism and had some additional investigators there. The amount of running and yelling that happened was insane. I’m glad it happened and I’m glad it’s over. On Sunday we went over to Jeffery’s and asked, “How do you feel?” and he said, “Good… … .. … that’s it, good.” Haha it was so funny because he was so mellow about it but it was definitely genuine. He is already so excited to go out teaching with the Elders. And I found out after his interview that we have the same birthday. So crazy. Except he’s turning 30 and I’m.. not.
It was also SO happy because the other Sisters (Sister Bradford and Smith) had a baptism! Her name is Luanna and she is a super funny outer island girl! I love her. She really wanted to sing Silent Night, so that is what they did. In September. But she played the guitar and her and the Sisters sang. It turned out really well. The other Sisters are unstoppable now, they will have a lot of success here in the next couple months, Luanna was only their ice-breaker. They are working really hard.
On Thursday we had our first split district meeting. I’m not a huge fan of having a split district but it is probably for the best. The South District had their meeting in the chapel with AC and.. space to breathe. We were stuffed in this tiny little class room. Same building, different meetings. But we had a combined lunch. For some reason the Brimhalls didn’t know we were eating lunch so they didn’t bring food and they didn’t bring plates or utensils so the sisters all shared a single plate and ate with our hands and the elders just ate on miscellaneous objects with their hands also. I think the new elders (Marble and Nielson) thought it was pretty weird but nothing new for the rest of us. It was pretty funny!
Well next week I will be in Guam.. again.
These trips come way too fast, can I just stay on Yap?
Love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens


Falay nu Wa’ab

Hello Friends and Family!
I hope you all had a good week!

Well this week literally all of the Sisters have been pretty deathly ill. At the beginning of the week I was taking local medicine which was kind of a hassle but no regrets. Lavida would give me guava leaves and I would boil them until the water would turn brown. Then I would steam in it, shower in it, and when I was done with that I would have to drink like 3 cups of it. It was so bitter and disgusting.. but I did it.

Our investigator Jeffery is on track to get baptized this week! It will be really fun because it will be during our branch activity. Everyone in the branch loves him because he talks during classes and asks good questions. All of the missionaries also love him and are always coming up to Sister Saimon and I bugging us about when he is getting baptized and what we are teaching him and such. But no worries, this Saturday is the day!
Last P-Day was pretty fun because we went to this little store and got ice-cream and then asked the owner if we could go on her beach. She said yes so we hung out for about 30 minutes and then went and played basketball at the complex. SisterBradford is just so much better than me it doesn’t even matter if I foul her. I try anyways, third string life.
This week the Gagil elders (Palmer and Golightly) were in Guam so we got to teach their investigators a little bit. We mostly taught this lady named Zennica and her family. She will get baptized soon. She is trying really hard to quite betelnut.
I was just so sick this week. On Wednesday I slept all through studies, it felt like a drank a whole bottle of nyQuil but I didn’t my body was just giving up on me. So then it was good because I had to stay awake all day because it was walking Wednesday. I almost died though.
This week I was asked by Elder Taylor to give the District Meeting. I felt pretty weird up there being a sister and all but I think it went pretty well. I talked about finding prepared investigators and extending the baptismal invitation and related it back to the Allegory of the Vineyard in Jacob 5 (thanks Alex!)
On Friday we took our recent convert Evita and her husband out to Gagil to go teach her dad. It was pretty funny but he was really nice to us and it was so fun to be with Evita. She is so nice! Her dad really complimented my Yapese and was saying how we are always welcome at their home and such. And then at the end they gave us coconuts.
Saturday there was a branch activity to clean in and outside of the church. There were surprisingly a lot of people there! It rained so hard! So we were all soaking by the end. The biggest obstacle was that there were enough tools for people to really be useful. But after that one of the branch members did a BBQ for the missionaries! Yummy!
On Sunday I had to give a talk in Sacrament Meeting. I talked about the Tree of Life (Thanks Niz!) And it was pretty good.
Well I am well past my time!
Exciting things going on at home! I pray for and miss you all!
Sister Stevens

Something about a truck

Well transfers calls last night were NOT boring!

I can’t begin to describe how many miracles I have been able to witness while I have been here. But anyways, moving on to transfers. There is a new area on this island so we will be getting 2 new elders on Wednesday! Elder Palmer (current District Leader) is training and his companion, Elder Golightly, is also training. Since there will be 6 companionship’s on Yap there will now be 2 districts. So Elder Palmer is still a District Leader and Elder Golightly is my new District Leader. They split the Sistersup so the other Sisters are in the South District and we are in the North District. It is kind of funny though because we are still living in the same apartment. Also big news: Sister Bradford is a Sister Training Leader now! I can’t believe how much this island has changed in only 1 year.
Well Tuesday on Guam was pretty good. I got to go with the Sister Briggs and Sister Ka’ato in Yigo and I got to go meet Lavida’s (recent convert) mom and sisters that live in Guam! It was so fun, and scary, to talk to her in Yapese! I have heard so many funny stories about that lady. But hopefully it will also help the Yigo sisters with some re-activation’s and maybe even finding some investigators. I also got to go to dinner on the Air force base. It was like being in America! One of the members fed us at their home. It was really fun. Oh and one of my Zone Leaders, Elder Li-Khau is staying in Guam for 3 weeks to get some dental care done. So sad. But it was kind of weird because on the flight back to Guam it was just Elder Taylor and I. I don’t know how many missionaries in the world that happens to but probably not very many. And the worst part of it all was that we had to do Zone Meeting on Friday.. just the two of us! But everything worked out.
On Thursday the missionaries were all invited to go to a funeral for the dad for a recent convert. That family is doing really well considering the situation. We got to sing a couple of songs and then Elder Brimhall dedicated the grave. It was pretty cool to see a Yapese/Catholic funeral.
On Friday we had Zone Meeting and like I said Elder Taylor and I had to do the whole thing. The Brimhalls didn’t come so there weren’t a lot of people. I was pretty nervous but everything ended up going really smooth. Everyone participated and stayed awake. I really did have to do half of the training.. so I talked a lot. I’m glad it’s over and I’m glad Sister Bradford and Elder Li-Khau will be there next transfer to help!
On Saturday we got a little sneak-peak of transfer calls because Elder Palmer and Elder Golightly are training they had to leave Saturday night to go to Guam. We were all freaking out. We were at the church for a language study when the Assistants called. The Elders were so bummed they weren’t going to be companions anymore! But the biggest bummer is that they are going to be in Guam for a week. I was selfishly excited though because we get to go to their area and teach their progressing investigators! Sisters up North!
That night Ga’ag (Sister Saimon and my investigator that we passed to Elder Li-Khau and Taylor) finally got baptized! It was such a happy day! And Ga’ag looked so calm and happy. I was asked to give the talk on the Holy Ghost. It was so embarrassing.. I went to the pulpit and was talking in the microphone for almost a full minute before I realized that it wasn’t turned on. Everyone got a good laugh at me when I realized. But I gave the talk in Yapese and then re-capped really fast for all of the outer-island and our Texan investigator! All-in-all the whole thing went good.
And another good part about this week is that we get to drive Elder Palmer and Elder Golightly’s truck! I love it compared to our dumb Yaris!
Love and miss you!
Sister Stevens

Ngam man ngan?

Hafa Adai!

I’m back on Guam! It’s always bitter sweet to be here. Going to the Mission Leadership Council is always so good but I always just feel so sick and tired the whole time. Today all we have done so far is go shopping. That is probably the only thing we will really do.
This week was pretty fun! Last Monday we went to the Complex (nothing new) and Sister Bradford and I raced a 400m, she beat me by .5 sec. (I let her win;)) But I haven’t sprinted like that in a long time. We got Sister Saimon to do a 100m race which was pretty funny. We let her win but it was pretty obvious, we were all laughing by the end.
This week it rained quite a bit. So I sent a picture of my leg after I slid down some mud. Sister Saimon was so nice and wouldn’t laugh at me even though I was laughing. But don’t worry I got some good laugh’s from Sister Bradford and Smith!
I rocked my argyle socks at District Meeting this week. Sister Smith did her best with KB socks. All of the elders were really confused. Don’t worry I didn’t go proselyting like that!
On Saturday the Tomil elders (Elder Zonts and Wolfgramm) had a baptism. It was cool because I got to help her a lot getting ready. Scalastica was really funny the whole night! She was really nervous but really happy!
Sunday I fasted, traveled and had another 8 hour long meeting. It was really good! We will go back and train about the baptismal invitation. So hopefully it will help all of us be more bold!
I miss all my Yap people! But it’s good to stock up on granola bars!
Happy September!
Love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens

Igag Sister Saimon

I forgot my tag at home today so I have been reppin Sister Saimons tag. She is a life saver!

This week went by way to fast for my liking. We were supposed to have a baptism but things kind of took a turn and he is still working on Word of Wisdom issues so we gave him to the Elders (Li-khau and Taylor) and he will get baptized in two weeks!
Oh yeah, so on our last trip to Guam we met some volunteer Catholic Teachers for the Catholic High School on island. Basically they came up to us and now Sister Saimon and I are teaching them. This past Saturdaywe invited them to be baptized. Scared on of them off pretyy quick but they other two were super cool about it and said their “hearts are open.” I love teaching them. As stupid as it sounds, it is really hard to teach Americans! So scary! I have no idea what I’m doing with them! But they have both come to church two weeks in a row so hopefully we can keep the momentum coming.
This week I went on an exchange with Sister Smith. It was on walking Wednesday and I put sunscreen everywhere but my chest. It got FRIED! And the best part in the strap of my bag was in the same place all day so it is only on one side. Awkward, I’m sure it will even out in a couple of years. Then on Saturday Sister Saimon and I ended up walking almost the whole day which I wasn’t expecting and I got re-fried. My arms, neck, face, everything. But the good news is I have a pretty good base tan so everything as pretty much healed. Anyways, moral of the story is: I’m not going to forget sunscreen again! Actually on Saturday night Nick (Catholic Teacher) said: “Sister Stevens, you look very sun kissed” and I said “That was nice, more like sun destroyed!” Everything is healed and better now. Also Sister Smith is a very slow walker. I was trying to speed her up all day and she was trying to slow me down. But we had a lot of fun! And met some really awesome people!
Oh, and I tried to teach Sister Saimon how to ride a bike. Fail. The bikes are old, rusty and falling apart. They are pretty hard to ride. But we will keep working on it. It was pretty funny to watch her try. She almost ran me over a couple times. Even after an hour she didn’t really get the hang of it.
This week we had dinner over at Lavida’s which was super fun! She cooked for us and we just went over and it was really fun! Perci started working this week (which she hates!) but she came at the end.
Well, I head out to Guam this weekend for another meeting.
Love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens
PS. Happy 33rd Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Gubin ea Gidii u Micronesia Yad Ba’adag Titanic

Well this week has been really exciting and fun!

Last week after I got done emailing Sister Saimon and I went back to our appartment to eat lunch and get ready to play. Lavida (our recent convert who is one of my favorite people ever) called and was like in a panic telling me that she finally found a chicken for me to kill and that I needed to go to her house immediately! So… we picked up the other sisters and I killed the chicken! Lavida was asking me how I felt after and I just said, “Good I guess. How do you feel?” and she said, “Proud. I am so proud of you!” So I thought that was pretty funny! That night we went over for Family Night and since it was Perci’s birthday we had a surprise feast! And we ate my chicken!! It was really good!
On Tuesday I went on an exchange with Sister Bradford, it was really fun! We were able to put two of their investigators on date! I love teaching Outer Island people, they are so nice and open. But it was a good flash into the past from when we were companions!
We started teaching Regina this week, she is Perci’s little sister. She is a little resistant but definitely warming up. We are also teaching Perci’s cousin Johnathan. He is pretty shy, he knows English but is too nervous to talk to me in English so we go all Yapese around him. I love it! He had village work on Sunday but said he would come for sure this Sunday.
Oh yeah, so we have been teaching that guy named James Ga’ag and he is getting baptized this week! It is definitely a miracle! We had some complications but everything got figured out and he is so excited!! He is so excited. So everything should go well with that.
Yesterday at church we had 8 investigators at church, it was crazy! We were also helping train Lavida for primary, she did great! Things are going well! We are hoping for an equal amount of success next month! We are just working as hard as we can!
Sister Smith says hi! Sister Bradford is too busy emailing to say anything.
Have a good week!
Love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens

I’m Going 15 m/hr as Fast as I Can

Mogethin! Ke uwrogomed? Gu ba adag’emed!

This week was crazy! But everything turned out, so I am grateful for that!
On Tuesday I spent all day with the Sister Training Leaders on Guam. Which was okay but no one was home so all we did was go to meetings and drive all day. But it was fun to spend time with Sister Huni(from Tonga) and Sister McBride. During one of the only lessons we had that day the cops showed up and asked us to leave because they were looking for someone or something. Not really sure. But their investigator is fine, they weren’t there for him. It was a little bit awkward but mostly funny.
I had to sit in the airport for a long time by myself, it felt so weird. But kind of relaxing, until I started talking to people. I met this Japanese guy who was asking me if there is water on Yap. He was pretty nervous about visiting. But I assured him everything would be fine. Then these two Americans came up to the Elders and I and they are here on Yap for a year teaching at the Catholic school. Super bizarre, they were also wondering if they were going to die out here. But they asked if we could teach them which was pretty cool. The girl dated a RM back in the states when she was going to school so she already knows a lot. Sister Saimon and I found them on Friday and they gave us their number and so we will see if anything actually comes from that.
On Wednesday the Zone Leaders and I had to prepare for Zone Meeting so we went over to Lavida’s house to plan. All the Yapese women were just sitting really close to Sister Saimon helping her with her Yapese, they love her!! It’s pretty awesome. On Thursday we had Zone Meeting and it was a little bit rough. I am always so nervous to do my parts but I think they went okay. It was a looong meeting. I tried my best to keep my thoughts short, but in the end it wasn’t really my meeting.
Friday Evita passed her baptismal interview and that was really exciting! So on Saturday we cleaned, and got everything ready. Seems like there is drama at every baptism but it ended up working out! Evita is so kind, and I am so excited for her!
Well Sister Smith is yelling at me to get off the computer so I better go!
Love and miss you,
Sister Stevens