Gubin ea Gidii u Micronesia Yad Ba’adag Titanic

Well this week has been really exciting and fun!

Last week after I got done emailing Sister Saimon and I went back to our appartment to eat lunch and get ready to play. Lavida (our recent convert who is one of my favorite people ever) called and was like in a panic telling me that she finally found a chicken for me to kill and that I needed to go to her house immediately! So… we picked up the other sisters and I killed the chicken! Lavida was asking me how I felt after and I just said, “Good I guess. How do you feel?” and she said, “Proud. I am so proud of you!” So I thought that was pretty funny! That night we went over for Family Night and since it was Perci’s birthday we had a surprise feast! And we ate my chicken!! It was really good!
On Tuesday I went on an exchange with Sister Bradford, it was really fun! We were able to put two of their investigators on date! I love teaching Outer Island people, they are so nice and open. But it was a good flash into the past from when we were companions!
We started teaching Regina this week, she is Perci’s little sister. She is a little resistant but definitely warming up. We are also teaching Perci’s cousin Johnathan. He is pretty shy, he knows English but is too nervous to talk to me in English so we go all Yapese around him. I love it! He had village work on Sunday but said he would come for sure this Sunday.
Oh yeah, so we have been teaching that guy named James Ga’ag and he is getting baptized this week! It is definitely a miracle! We had some complications but everything got figured out and he is so excited!! He is so excited. So everything should go well with that.
Yesterday at church we had 8 investigators at church, it was crazy! We were also helping train Lavida for primary, she did great! Things are going well! We are hoping for an equal amount of success next month! We are just working as hard as we can!
Sister Smith says hi! Sister Bradford is too busy emailing to say anything.
Have a good week!
Love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens

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