Igag Sister Saimon

I forgot my tag at home today so I have been reppin Sister Saimons tag. She is a life saver!

This week went by way to fast for my liking. We were supposed to have a baptism but things kind of took a turn and he is still working on Word of Wisdom issues so we gave him to the Elders (Li-khau and Taylor) and he will get baptized in two weeks!
Oh yeah, so on our last trip to Guam we met some volunteer Catholic Teachers for the Catholic High School on island. Basically they came up to us and now Sister Saimon and I are teaching them. This past Saturdaywe invited them to be baptized. Scared on of them off pretyy quick but they other two were super cool about it and said their “hearts are open.” I love teaching them. As stupid as it sounds, it is really hard to teach Americans! So scary! I have no idea what I’m doing with them! But they have both come to church two weeks in a row so hopefully we can keep the momentum coming.
This week I went on an exchange with Sister Smith. It was on walking Wednesday and I put sunscreen everywhere but my chest. It got FRIED! And the best part in the strap of my bag was in the same place all day so it is only on one side. Awkward, I’m sure it will even out in a couple of years. Then on Saturday Sister Saimon and I ended up walking almost the whole day which I wasn’t expecting and I got re-fried. My arms, neck, face, everything. But the good news is I have a pretty good base tan so everything as pretty much healed. Anyways, moral of the story is: I’m not going to forget sunscreen again! Actually on Saturday night Nick (Catholic Teacher) said: “Sister Stevens, you look very sun kissed” and I said “That was nice, more like sun destroyed!” Everything is healed and better now. Also Sister Smith is a very slow walker. I was trying to speed her up all day and she was trying to slow me down. But we had a lot of fun! And met some really awesome people!
Oh, and I tried to teach Sister Saimon how to ride a bike. Fail. The bikes are old, rusty and falling apart. They are pretty hard to ride. But we will keep working on it. It was pretty funny to watch her try. She almost ran me over a couple times. Even after an hour she didn’t really get the hang of it.
This week we had dinner over at Lavida’s which was super fun! She cooked for us and we just went over and it was really fun! Perci started working this week (which she hates!) but she came at the end.
Well, I head out to Guam this weekend for another meeting.
Love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens
PS. Happy 33rd Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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