I’m Going 15 m/hr as Fast as I Can

Mogethin! Ke uwrogomed? Gu ba adag’emed!

This week was crazy! But everything turned out, so I am grateful for that!
On Tuesday I spent all day with the Sister Training Leaders on Guam. Which was okay but no one was home so all we did was go to meetings and drive all day. But it was fun to spend time with Sister Huni(from Tonga) and Sister McBride. During one of the only lessons we had that day the cops showed up and asked us to leave because they were looking for someone or something. Not really sure. But their investigator is fine, they weren’t there for him. It was a little bit awkward but mostly funny.
I had to sit in the airport for a long time by myself, it felt so weird. But kind of relaxing, until I started talking to people. I met this Japanese guy who was asking me if there is water on Yap. He was pretty nervous about visiting. But I assured him everything would be fine. Then these two Americans came up to the Elders and I and they are here on Yap for a year teaching at the Catholic school. Super bizarre, they were also wondering if they were going to die out here. But they asked if we could teach them which was pretty cool. The girl dated a RM back in the states when she was going to school so she already knows a lot. Sister Saimon and I found them on Friday and they gave us their number and so we will see if anything actually comes from that.
On Wednesday the Zone Leaders and I had to prepare for Zone Meeting so we went over to Lavida’s house to plan. All the Yapese women were just sitting really close to Sister Saimon helping her with her Yapese, they love her!! It’s pretty awesome. On Thursday we had Zone Meeting and it was a little bit rough. I am always so nervous to do my parts but I think they went okay. It was a looong meeting. I tried my best to keep my thoughts short, but in the end it wasn’t really my meeting.
Friday Evita passed her baptismal interview and that was really exciting! So on Saturday we cleaned, and got everything ready. Seems like there is drama at every baptism but it ended up working out! Evita is so kind, and I am so excited for her!
Well Sister Smith is yelling at me to get off the computer so I better go!
Love and miss you,
Sister Stevens

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