Ngam man ngan?

Hafa Adai!

I’m back on Guam! It’s always bitter sweet to be here. Going to the Mission Leadership Council is always so good but I always just feel so sick and tired the whole time. Today all we have done so far is go shopping. That is probably the only thing we will really do.
This week was pretty fun! Last Monday we went to the Complex (nothing new) and Sister Bradford and I raced a 400m, she beat me by .5 sec. (I let her win;)) But I haven’t sprinted like that in a long time. We got Sister Saimon to do a 100m race which was pretty funny. We let her win but it was pretty obvious, we were all laughing by the end.
This week it rained quite a bit. So I sent a picture of my leg after I slid down some mud. Sister Saimon was so nice and wouldn’t laugh at me even though I was laughing. But don’t worry I got some good laugh’s from Sister Bradford and Smith!
I rocked my argyle socks at District Meeting this week. Sister Smith did her best with KB socks. All of the elders were really confused. Don’t worry I didn’t go proselyting like that!
On Saturday the Tomil elders (Elder Zonts and Wolfgramm) had a baptism. It was cool because I got to help her a lot getting ready. Scalastica was really funny the whole night! She was really nervous but really happy!
Sunday I fasted, traveled and had another 8 hour long meeting. It was really good! We will go back and train about the baptismal invitation. So hopefully it will help all of us be more bold!
I miss all my Yap people! But it’s good to stock up on granola bars!
Happy September!
Love and miss you all!
Sister Stevens

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