Something about a truck

Well transfers calls last night were NOT boring!

I can’t begin to describe how many miracles I have been able to witness while I have been here. But anyways, moving on to transfers. There is a new area on this island so we will be getting 2 new elders on Wednesday! Elder Palmer (current District Leader) is training and his companion, Elder Golightly, is also training. Since there will be 6 companionship’s on Yap there will now be 2 districts. So Elder Palmer is still a District Leader and Elder Golightly is my new District Leader. They split the Sistersup so the other Sisters are in the South District and we are in the North District. It is kind of funny though because we are still living in the same apartment. Also big news: Sister Bradford is a Sister Training Leader now! I can’t believe how much this island has changed in only 1 year.
Well Tuesday on Guam was pretty good. I got to go with the Sister Briggs and Sister Ka’ato in Yigo and I got to go meet Lavida’s (recent convert) mom and sisters that live in Guam! It was so fun, and scary, to talk to her in Yapese! I have heard so many funny stories about that lady. But hopefully it will also help the Yigo sisters with some re-activation’s and maybe even finding some investigators. I also got to go to dinner on the Air force base. It was like being in America! One of the members fed us at their home. It was really fun. Oh and one of my Zone Leaders, Elder Li-Khau is staying in Guam for 3 weeks to get some dental care done. So sad. But it was kind of weird because on the flight back to Guam it was just Elder Taylor and I. I don’t know how many missionaries in the world that happens to but probably not very many. And the worst part of it all was that we had to do Zone Meeting on Friday.. just the two of us! But everything worked out.
On Thursday the missionaries were all invited to go to a funeral for the dad for a recent convert. That family is doing really well considering the situation. We got to sing a couple of songs and then Elder Brimhall dedicated the grave. It was pretty cool to see a Yapese/Catholic funeral.
On Friday we had Zone Meeting and like I said Elder Taylor and I had to do the whole thing. The Brimhalls didn’t come so there weren’t a lot of people. I was pretty nervous but everything ended up going really smooth. Everyone participated and stayed awake. I really did have to do half of the training.. so I talked a lot. I’m glad it’s over and I’m glad Sister Bradford and Elder Li-Khau will be there next transfer to help!
On Saturday we got a little sneak-peak of transfer calls because Elder Palmer and Elder Golightly are training they had to leave Saturday night to go to Guam. We were all freaking out. We were at the church for a language study when the Assistants called. The Elders were so bummed they weren’t going to be companions anymore! But the biggest bummer is that they are going to be in Guam for a week. I was selfishly excited though because we get to go to their area and teach their progressing investigators! Sisters up North!
That night Ga’ag (Sister Saimon and my investigator that we passed to Elder Li-Khau and Taylor) finally got baptized! It was such a happy day! And Ga’ag looked so calm and happy. I was asked to give the talk on the Holy Ghost. It was so embarrassing.. I went to the pulpit and was talking in the microphone for almost a full minute before I realized that it wasn’t turned on. Everyone got a good laugh at me when I realized. But I gave the talk in Yapese and then re-capped really fast for all of the outer-island and our Texan investigator! All-in-all the whole thing went good.
And another good part about this week is that we get to drive Elder Palmer and Elder Golightly’s truck! I love it compared to our dumb Yaris!
Love and miss you!
Sister Stevens


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